Ken Taylor’s Jurassic Park Poster (Onsale Info)

Mondo’s first release of 2013 will be this ferocious Jurassic Park poster by Ken Taylor. It’s a 24″ x 36″ screenprint, has an edition of 475, and will cost $50. The variant has an edition of 225 and will cost $75. These go up today (Thursday, January 3rd) at a random time. Visit

Ken Taylor

Ken Taylor

12 Responses to “Ken Taylor’s Jurassic Park Poster (Onsale Info)”

  1. So does Mondo pre-sell these or something?

    I know it’s a popular print but I was refreshing for the last 20 minutes and when it popped up they were both sold out.

    I know these sell out fast, but seems like there weren’t any to sell

  2. Oh, you just went to the wrong page is all…

  3. They sold out in less than four minutes going by Mondo’s twitter ->

    225 of the variant @ $75 each -> $16,875
    475 of the regular @ $50 each -> $23,750

    That’s $40,625 in less than 4 minutes. Hourly revenue would have been $609,375 per hour (actually more since I went off of 4 minutes and they sold out under that).

    I had both in my cart and hit submit on paypal and came up empty. That’s part of the screen print world!!!!

  4. The majority of the edition is for sale, and luck and timing is a factor ( as well as internet connection unfortunately). These should not get too expensive on the secondary market, also watch for the AP drop from Posters n Toys (should be announced here).

  5. How did it sell out in 4 minutes when I have a very good connection, was refreshing the page constantly with no problems and when they popped up they were both sold out.

    I feel like I’m dealing with ticketmaster. Concerts sold out in seconds and minutes later hundreds of great seats available from scalpers.

    Only ticketmaster is known to sell early to scalpers……hmmm

  6. SOLD OUT!!! 🙁

  7. No matter… I’ve had more enjoyment dealing directly with some lesser-known artists with even smaller, signed editions, rather than competing for just another poster to add to the collection. Mondo is doing good business as-is no doubt.. and their official Record Label announcement is sure to only add to their profits.

    The twitter feed is off as well. The regular version of this one was shown as sold out long before the feed said so. The actual sell out time was probably more like 2 mins or less. I wouldn’t have bought one anyway.. just wanted to see if this Jurassic Park release brought the same attention the WBYK one did 2 weeks ago.. and indeed it did.

  8. You can’t go by the twitter. They usually post that it is available the minute it sells out.

  9. This is so cool! How can I avail of these?

  10. Poster fans: how do artists get away with selling posters of copyright and trademark material? Like this poster – its got the jurassic park brand, iconic illustrations, universal studios logo, etc. Do they make a revenue share deal with universal? Or is it ok to do this without worrying if the studio will get angry?

  11. Jake, these are licensed through Universal. They would certainly be angry otherwise.

  12. Wow! Astonishing piece of art these posters are 🙂

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