New Movie Posters by We Buy Your Kids from Mondo (Onsale Info)

Mondo will release their first batch of We Buy Your Kids movie posters today. These are all 18″ x 24″ screenprints for $35 each. The edition sizes are 125 for Beetlejuice, 120 for Deep Red, 115 for A Nightmare on Elm Street, and 150 on Conan. They go up today (Tuesday, December 4th) at a random time. Visit

7 Responses to “New Movie Posters by We Buy Your Kids from Mondo (Onsale Info)”

  1. great stuff – especially love the nightmare and conan one!

  2. i wonder if the other ones will make it online? hmm…

  3. Absolutely loved this show. Bummed I missed out on this drop, that Deep Red print is amazing.

  4. Nightmare my favorite – woulda been more menacing without the lipstick but whatever.

  5. first time that I’m not that impressed with a mondo release, even thugh the colors are great.

  6. Easily my favorite show of the year.

  7. I am a huge huge Conan fan and I have been really disappointed in the Conan posters Mondo has released. They just do not capture the feel of the film for me.

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