New, Inexpensive Books by Olly Moss and Scott C Out Today

Titan Books released two really impressive new art books today. “Silhouettes from Popular Culture” by Olly Moss and “The Great Showdowns” by Scott C are both 7″ x 7″ hardcovers. Olly’s features a great foreword by Duncan Jones, while Scott’s is introduced by Neil Patrick Harris. On top of looking amazing in person, they’re priced incredibly well. Get Olly’s for $10.49 and Scott’s for $9.25 at

7 Responses to “New, Inexpensive Books by Olly Moss and Scott C Out Today”

  1. Great price, just bought the silhouettes book.

  2. Olly Moss has a special edition version of that book coming (according to his instagram feed). Said to have a couple of special goodies with it. I am holding out for that one 🙂

  3. The whole Great Showdowns thing…I just don’t get it…
    As a designer I’m all down with simplicity but this….did I miss a meeting somewhere?

  4. Thanks for the heads up Ivonne, I’ll be holding out for this one as well.

    Preview pic:

  5. Any time! I loved this whole series and was so sad to miss the show. This will make up for it.

  6. Choices, choices. I love Ghostbusters and my wife loves Bride of Frankenstein. Might need 2 copies of that book. It’s cheap enough.

  7. Will cut outs be sold on eBay now? Watch out!!

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