“To Harrow a Naif” Art Print by Aaron Horkey (Onsale Info)

Aaron Horkey’s newest art print, “To Harrow a Naif”, will go up for sale on Monday. It’s a 19.75″ x 32.5″ screenprint, has an edition of 130, and will cost $100. It goes up Monday, October 22nd at a random time in the afternoon (Central Time). Visit Postersandtoys.com.

10 Responses to ““To Harrow a Naif” Art Print by Aaron Horkey (Onsale Info)”

  1. I need this. Am definitely trying for first Posters And Toys drop. Please god help!!!

  2. there goes my Monday afternoon

  3. Beautiful.

    It should be sold with some optional googly eyes for the owl.

  4. I’m going to have my kids color.in the eyes.

  5. Lord have mercy! Landed my first P&T drop. Hallelujah!
    Sometimes I’ve thought the eyes were missing in Aaron’s birds cause maybe it symbolizes the fact that you can’t see him cause most people have not seen him. Another reason is it looks great and make subject more interesting. I don’t know. +1 🙂

  6. *just* missed it.

  7. I feel ya Michael – I had one in my cart, but for some reason the site asked me to enter my login and password twice during checkout, even though I had already logged in ahead of time. Whacky crap seems to happen when a site is hit with that much traffic all at once. Hopefully we’ll both have better luck next time. Congrats on the score Skank 🙂

  8. @ MattB
    My mind was racing so fast when it asked for the password i hesitated for a second. I thought i wasnt getting one cause of it. I cant believe i got one considering I never land popular MONDO drops, ever. Thanx BTW. This one is sick cause its an art print. I tend to like art prints mostly without any lettering, although the converge version is just as appealing. Aaron Horkey is one bad ass Motha!

  9. @Matt B, Everyone has to enter the login and password again even if they are logged in on P&T.

    Looking forward to seeing this one next to the gig poster.

  10. Congrats all who scored.

    I gotta say the oversell process (successfully buying the piece and then getting an email of refund) is one of the more emotionally jarring I’ve had.

    One moment I’m dancing around my office and the next I am bitterly crestfallen.

    Alas – that’s what an art addiction can do.

    Congrats again!

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