“Doom Loop #19” Art Print by Tim Biskup

If you’ve got a good amount of dough laying around, you can grab this beautiful new art print by Tim Biskup. “Doom Loop #19″ is a huge 30″ x 40” giclee, has an edition of 20, and costs $500. Visit TimBiskup.com.

7 Responses to ““Doom Loop #19” Art Print by Tim Biskup”

  1. If you were totally into skulls, this would look amazing side by side with Coop’s Momento Mori print.

    Plus they are almost the exact same size.

  2. Giclee’s suck.

  3. $500 for a digital print?

  4. Should be a 20 color screen print for that price.

  5. When did everyone become a screen print snob?

    Did Mondo and D&L do this?

    Is Ben’s superior silk screening to blame???

    I think giclees can give a better idea of what the actual paintings looks like. Most giclees that I have seen in person, there is so much clarity and detail that even the brush strokes can be seen.

  6. A piece like this pretty easily lends itself to screen printing. Go look at a few Richard Estes prints in person to see the power of screen printing.

  7. for 500$ This should have been a screenprint. Ive heard of biskup. Just dont give a damn. And especially at 500$

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