The Goonies Poster by Randy Ortiz (Artist Copies Onsale Info)

Randy Ortiz will sell a few artist copies of his poster for The Goonies later today. It’s a 24″ x 36″ screenprint, has an AP edition of 35, and will cost $85 each. They go up today (Wednesday, August 8th) at a random time. Keep an eye on his Twitter, then buy at his shop.

5 Responses to “The Goonies Poster by Randy Ortiz (Artist Copies Onsale Info)”

  1. Really… $85.00 from the artist… OUCH

  2. I got plenty of nothing with that drop.

    It wanted me to connect to Facebook several times. Leave Facebook out of this–just take me straight to Paypal and import all the personal info from there! Seems to work fine elsewhere.

    At least I didn’t get banned from the site like that other sale last week. Why are people trying to reinvent the wheel when it comes to artist sales? I have always had great experiences with P&T so I think I might just stick with Mitch and wish everybody else good luck with sales from other sites that don’t allow you to F5 or which require Facebook integration or lotteries.

  3. $85 for this is a great deal.

  4. @DD, you did not have to connect with FB. You had to set up an account ahead of time with your info. The only problem I had was that there was no one-click paypal button.

  5. This is another print that should of been for sale for 24 hours…the regular edition. Goonies is a classic for us in the mid 30s on up.

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