“Love Is The Drug” Art Print by Shepard Fairey (Onsale Info)

Shepard Fairey’s new art print should definitely divide the crowd. “Love is the Drug” is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition of 400, and will cost $45. The gold variant has an edition of 200 and will cost $45 as well. These go up Tuesday, August 14th at two random times. Visit ObeyGiant.com.

38 Responses to ““Love Is The Drug” Art Print by Shepard Fairey (Onsale Info)”

  1. I don’t get it; not that I hate the image, but I don’t get it… Someone snorting a coke line in the shape of a heart would make sense, but what does a dude with a grenade for a head have to do with drugs?

  2. Does this person only have arthritis on the right hand?

  3. I’m normally a Shep apologist, but this is terrible. For one, it makes no sense. The grenade? Drugs? Love? Just recycled Fairey imagery. And the hands look insanely out of proportion.

  4. I like it but would have liked a better font for love. Looks like corn on the cob head in a suit making out with some hands. Hope I’ll be lucky to buy one, but surely won’t be buying off the bay if I don’t.

  5. It says loving his prints anymore is like an addiction that you wanted to kick a long time ago already now and are in the bad stages where you don’t even remember why or when you started in the first place, you just feel you have keep sending money no matter how much shwag they cut it with anymore. Complete with the requisite grenade that shows up whenever sales slough off just to really stick it to you.

  6. This is bad, and he should feel bad.

  7. Looks like he is talking about our COUNTRIES LOVE OF WAR, and they way we sell it to the people as a natural emotional. ITs normal to love, its normal to kill and make weapons for kill to make sure we can keep loving. Its satanic in the way its flips love to become the opposite in action. This is the misguided fear our country lives in.

  8. Ultimately he should be proud of his “legacy” I guess, but I stopped paying attention when he started selling “subversive” drink coasters. Just seems silly at this point.

  9. I don’t understand what is going on but I noticed Shep included in the Gateways to Art textbook today when I was skimming it.


  10. hands don’t match, nor does the sleeve match the jacket, and the angle of the grenade seems a little off. can’t quite figure out the imagery either.
    definitely not feeling this one.

  11. Not digging this print. It looks like the left sleeve was finished off in a hurry, looks sloppy.

  12. Dolk bite. Sigh.

  13. Dolk? Serioulsy? The guy that did the “Officer Down” thing?


  14. Yes, of course. Dolk definitely originated the head hand grenade thing.

  15. wow… that Dolk was easy to find and better http://graffiti.fatcap.com.s3.amazonaws.com/806/opct_4767ad07288199a3fc59a6ceb8f8798b49b4fac4.jpg

  16. Doll should sue Fairey. Nothing original left. Give it up kid.

  17. “Art is either plagiarism or revolution.” Juangus Dinsmore 😉

  18. Dolk is a wanna be Banksy. So what if this is plagiarism. It’s 100x better than Dolk. These are some silly comments. Shep is King of street art since way back. Take it or leave it suckers. Lol!

  19. What’s a Dolk?


  20. Keen, Lee, Star5, are kings of the street. Get your history right son.

  21. @ Ricky That’s your history bro. We are talking street art, not graffiti. Shep es el Rey de Propaganda. No mames Vuey!

  22. When you open up a history book in the future you’ll be sure to see Shep. Not any of those early East Coast Jives.

  23. Pass.. sigh

  24. gross

  25. I see Mr. Peanut on a bender

  26. Mr Skank, their warrior cry was “its street art, not graffiti.” They.took pride in their work and did it themselves. Didn’t bite someones image over and over. I mean, how many more millions do artists need? He is stacked with so much cash. Street art came from oppression and depression. When your comfortable going to design school? Yeah that’s not so street. Word to your mother jive sucks, audi 5000 on this one.

  27. When the argument has degenerated to who’s “street and not street”, it’s time to… well… end the argument.

  28. Matter of Opinion. Haters gonna hate. Some people don’t like to see others succeed. I might not like someones art but I don’t go as far as to say they don’t deserve their success or money. That’s taking thing too far and personal IMO. Im not going to impose who is credible or not in the street art graffiti game. @ Ricky I do know about the old graffiti writers from New York and I was impressed when I was in Jr High. I’m in my thirties now and it is what it is. New York writers just don’t cut it for me. It all jive hype.

  29. Not hating on success. Come on, Shepherd comes across as “one of the 99%” Try getting close to him next time. He totally shrugs people off and will hang all night with any celebrity at his gallery. Its like Metallica putting out record after record. They were bad ass back on the day. Now their music is so stale. They tour and make records because they can. Total hype. How many causes can Shepherd help out with? It comes down to money to design. He has his studio in the Ghetto, he rarely comes towards Easy LA. Stays put in little safe Silverlake.

  30. Artist’s statement posted


  31. @ Ricky I’ve heard that before and all honesty I don’t ever want to meet him in person because of that. I just happen to appreciate some of his or his interns work, whomever is creating the work. I think I know where you are coming from now. He’s not the only poster artist out there who I buy and support. So whatever. We are all entitled to our opinions. Much respect.

  32. I feel you. When you come across as “the peoples artist?” You should at least embrace your fans. I’ve met Pushead, Robert Williams, Shag,Coop and Buffmonster. All great guys. Shepard and Olly Moss have their noses so high up. One more thing, street artists do not do product placement. Shepard must have got secretly paid by apple. When the iphone came out, he must have dropped the name 30 times within a three paragraph write up. I don’t hate his success, just remember the people who brought you there. I never step on the less fortunate.

  33. @Ricky, @Skank Actually, I’ve found him to be very approachable at openings. He was just in Denver and seemed like he took the time to talk to as many people as he could, even kids. The bigger problem is people trying to monopolize his attention when there are a mob of fans who also want to say hello. It’s not easy when hundreds of people are clamoring for your attention for hours on end. Peace.

  34. Duality. Orwell. Ok, but her hands look wrong.

  35. *sigh* so far par for the course in my attempts to buy a ltd edition print – hang around for hours, site cannot handle the traffic, attempt to buy stuck on perpetual loop, site crashes, site comes back up, all prints sold – half of them on ebay the next day at twice the price. There has to be a better way to get these prints out there.

  36. @Ricky, @Skank
    Have either one of you ever tried to talk to him at a gallery opening? I’ve found him very approachable and friendly. Just sayin’

  37. Wouldn’t you get sick and tired of people “getting close to [you]” all the time?

    I know I would.

  38. Shep’s always seemed approachable and friendly to anyone when I’ve seen him at openings.

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