HUGE, Crazy New Art Prints by Cleon Peterson

Serigraphic Systems will release some insane new art prints by Cleon Peterson next week. “Will to Power” and “End of Days” are 30″ x 40″ screenprints, have editions of 55, and will cost $250 each. They go up Wednesday, August 1st at 12pm Pacific Time. Visit Serigraphic Systems.

NOTE: The other image is a little too crazy for the work crowd, click the links to see both.

2 Responses to “HUGE, Crazy New Art Prints by Cleon Peterson”

  1. Not my usual thing, but I love this.

  2. This is cool. But i would not hang it up on my wall. Maybe for some more radical dude or dudette. Although I have been wanting a Cleon Peterson for a while now. Its probably just gonna sit cause im a married dude with a kid. These images are tough though.

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