Finally…The OMG Posters Facebook Page!

After a lot of years doing this, I’ve finally decided to make a Facebook page for OMGP. Please “Like” the page for daily updates, news, peeks, etc. Visit

10 Responses to “Finally…The OMG Posters Facebook Page!”

  1. LIKE!

  2. It’s about time! Liked!!! 🙂

  3. Ace!

  4. Since I avoid Facebook, you’ll get my like the old fashioned way:

    I LIKE!

  5. MyS?


  6. More info for Mr. Zuckerberg to monitor.

    Good Night and L’Chaim america.

  7. Very Good News !

  8. nice one!

  9. I agree with Richie Rich

    So now I see posts on facebook that aren’t on good ol’

    guess I will remove that address from my daily surf


  10. Not used to this, but considering OMG doesn’t post as much as 411 Posters. Whatever gives me the most recent release print dates and time. I don’t care if it’s facebook or whatever,

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