The Dark Knight Rises Poster by Olly Moss (Timed Edition Onsale Info)

Mondo will release their first ever timed edition tomorrow night. Olly Moss’ The Dark Knight Rises poster is a 16″ x 24″ screenprint for $40. They’ll go up for sale on Wednesday, July 18th at 12:01am Central Time, and they’ll stay up for 24 hours. The number of prints sold will determine the edition. Visit

EDIT: This is an updated image. I had the wrong one up before.

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  1. Can I buy as many as I want?

  2. I assume that it will still be limited to one per person.

  3. Sounds a little over priced under the circumstances.

  4. Sold!

  5. I like the print but just wish that it was the same size as the variant. I’ll be buying one.

  6. Nice to see Mondo offering a Comic-Con release as also a timed-release.

  7. So, over/under on the edition run?

  8. To be honest, I wish ALL Mondo releases were like this. Maybe not up for a full 24 hours, but maybe an hour or thirty minutes or something. It seems like the only people getting their hands on Mondo prints are the truly lucky or ebay flippers. They always sell out in under a minute. If they did more timed releases at least more true collectors could get the prints they want – so what if it’s a larger run?

  9. over 1
    under ∞

  10. So is this going to be the first mondo edition to break 1K ?

    Highest edition so far that i could find was 850 on the stout star wars

  11. Awesome!

    Kudos to Mondo & Olly for this. Hope to see more timed releases in the future.

  12. I wish it was on a beautiful print and not this ugly one.

  13. Excellent work Olly and Mondo!

    Thanks for the timed release, hope we see a few more of these.

  14. So excited about this – fair play to Mondo for doing a timed release and especially for this film/artwork.

  15. I am so happy the print is smaller. I personally like the look of smaller prints anyway and I am running out of space on my walls. It will also be cheaper to get custom framed. Thank you Mondo.

    Also, my guess on edition size: between 2500 and 3000

  16. I knew they could do it!!!! Awesome.

  17. hooray!
    Mondo + Olly + Batman + TIMED RELEASE !!!!
    bravo to all of that; THANK YOU.

    The limited nature of the art never mattered to me as much as obtaining the art itself. I’m grateful it’s available

    @StanMan $40 ain’t that overpriced for an open edition to those that want it (and are thrilled they won’t have to go on ebay for $120 later). I’m occasionally willing to pay $65-$125 to MAYBE get a poster I want, IF I’m lucky it doesn’t sell out. So I’m almost willing to pay $15 more than normal/fair to just GET IT.

    I’m not the only one who thinks an Olly Dark Knight screen print is worth $40. But again, I don’t care about “an edition of infinity”, just that I have a cool pice of art that I really appreciate/love/value

  18. people are selling these on ebay for $170 already… what the fuck is wrong with these people?


  20. Very happy to be guaranteed an Olly Moss print at cost… This is a really cool gesture from Olly and Mondo especially for such a major film release.

  21. Still want to know if I can buy as many as I want? I read somewhere the black is actually a dark purple. I think thats cool. And for people buying these on eBay already- Suckers! And people selling them are some greedy shysty ass low life rat bastards.

  22. Is that Robocop?

  23. i have always said it since i started collecting: the best way to make things fair is by selling prints lottery style. T. Stout’s adaptation of this selling format is a perfect example of “fairness” in distribution.

  24. I really hope they have more timed releases from now on! I’m really excited to finally get an Olly Moss.

  25. “Same rules apply as they usually do with our sales i.e. one per person / household / etc.”


    No love for us NYC folk, cept from those interwebs 😛

  27. I’m a big Moss fan, but I’ve never really seen him be redundant in his ideas before. usually one thing leads you to the next and gives you a glimpse into the story by combining two things, but having the bat symbol in batman’s face isn’t really taking it very far. There’s no element of mystery. I guess I was just dissapointed. Sorry to vent, but it was bothering me. It is still executed flawlessly, and the lighting is perfect. :)

  28. What are you guys going to choose if you get the “Golden Ticket”?

    I’m going with Battle Royale if its me (highly unlikely I know heh)

  29. @Simp – Indiana Jones. Preferably a set of 3 but would choose Raiders if I had too. I like the idea of stirring this up bc I actually thought long and hard about this one haha

  30. Oh my god, this means I can finally buy a Mondo print. I really hope Mondo does this more often. Olly Moss rules!

  31. +1 yes!! No crazy eBay purchase for me. Stoked! I really couldn’t believe people actually bought this pre sale on eBay for multiple times cost on mondo. I kind Of don’t believe it. Are people simply trying to raise the value of print somehow. People can’t be that stupid, right? Is Olly so big people that lots of people just go banana ape shit and buy his stuff? I don’t know.

  32. Woo hoo!!!
    Scored one!

  33. If I get a golden ticket, I’m going deep into obscurity just for the hell of it, though a Raiders would be sweet.

  34. It’s not an obscure choice, but you could do worse than spending your golden ticket on a James Bond poster, considering this is the 50th anniversary of Dr. No.

  35. The possibility of the golden ticket is almost worth the cost of admission alone.

  36. Psyched to finally get an Olly Moss print, not my favorite of his but worth the money.

    However, $14 for shipping? I ship poster tubes all the time and this seems absurd, especially for those who can buy tubes in mass quantities.

    All-in-all, I wish Mondo would do more timed editions… so thanks!

  37. So glad to finally get my hands on a Moss print. As for those people selling the prints on eBay, I can’t believe those auctions are legit. It seems to me that there is a common practice of people putting up auctions and manipulating the bidding themselves to ridiculous and unrealistic prices. The winning bidder is in on it and never pays. It seems foolish because it doesn’t really seem to work. You see it on EB all the time. Check out the selling charts of any popular print and you will see one print (that usually sells on release day) that sold for a price much higher than any other. That’s the sale that some fool orchestrated to falsely drive up the price. Check out eBay and you’ll probably find a bunch of auctions for the same print. You will inexplicably find one with, let’s say, a bid for $109.99. Check out the others and you’ll probably find many with buy-it-now prices of $89-99 and no ones buying. Doesn’t make any sense, right?

    There are people getting in to the art game that have no idea what they’re doing. Perhaps they should just stick to day trading and leave the art to those who appreciate it.

  38. ^^^Another ebay rant. Get over it. It is not your money…so do not worry about.

  39. Not a rant, just an observation.

  40. Clever as hell with the eyes.

  41. Ponte Verga Veuy! Neta Vuey! Serio Vuey!

  42. Derp Batman

  43. Yeah Mondo shipping is a flipping joke. $14 for something that will take 6 weeks to arrive is absurd, but what can one do?

  44. Mondo tends to ship in sturdy, heavy-duty tubes to prevent damage. Figure $3-4 per tube, and $10 for shipping due to the increased tube weight, and their shipping fees are pretty much spot-on.

  45. I don’t think the shipping cost is outrageous (and I’m not even from the USA), but I don’t agree that the posters from Mondo are perfectly packaged. I receive more tubes damaged from them compared to any other seller / shipper. Hope it gets better in the future.

  46. I don’t mind the shipping cost as long as it arrives mint. My The Beyond vinyl looked like rats chewed on the covers of the jacket.

  47. Its 6 week shipping because of printing 5-10k prints!!Mondo has never done me wrong in shipping and packaging.

  48. $14 for shipping is maybe $2-3 over cost for priority shipping. You have to cover tape, and other materials as well, not to mention warehouse space and time.
    It’s not anywhere near outrageous.

  49. Great idea Mondo. I just wish I liked this poster a little more. I cant do it.
    I hope you’ll do this again though :)

  50. I’m sure it was a condition of acquiring the license but there is way too much text on this print for my liking. Good luck to everyone going for the Golden Ticket.

  51. Calling their shipping at $14 domestic outrageous is nuts. If you’ve ever shipped multiple prints for business purposes, you’ll realize the costs:

    ULine tubes around $1-$3 a piece
    Kraft Paper
    Labels (if used)
    Actual postage of the tube ($9-$12 depending on region and total weight…+ tracking and insurance)

    On top of that, you have the time spent packaging the tubes, which if in the hundreds or thousands, takes some real time, as well as managing the inventory.

    In essence, waiting a few weeks for a killer print, with a low cost and an on par shipping fee is not outrageous. It’s quite fair.

    Great job, Mondo!

  52. Golden Ticket = Akira poster

  53. Mondo’s prices are fair. What is outrageous are the ebay sellers taking advantage of others. The buyer should leave a negative feedback once they finds out they’ve been duped.

  54. If Mondo did all timed releases they could effectively eliminate the predatory resellers and get prints at a fair price into the hands of true collectors. Even an hour or two timed would be great rather than 24 hrs. And they’d still make sh*tloads of money. Win Win. Just a thought.

  55. Sorry I’m stoopid, but what’s a Golden Ticket?

  56. i like this print and im gonna buy one.

  57. Timed frame kills the supply/demand of the prints. Switch to lottery, it’s fair on all aspects. As for their regular drops, there are “techies” who can have a print 15 seconds after release…how? That’s for mondo to tell you, this apart from insiders , one which I personally know, a hook up if u will.

  58. Fake Ryan,

    a golden ticket might be included with your poster. If you get it, Olly Moss will do a poster for whatever film you want him to.

  59. This dude is a dick:

  60. Seriously, why does this not happen more often with more limited timed released? As others have suggested, make it an hour or 2 so those who are fans are able to get it, and ebay resellers can’t prey upon them

  61. Blah blah blah, I get it, most of you think $14 is reasonable for shipping, I’m just posting my point.

    Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the opportunity to finally get an Olly Moss print drop so I’m just playing devil’s advocate.

    I buy poster tubes at retail prices, use packing paper, tape, etc… and it never cost me more than $12 to ship in the US (Priority Mail)… and that’s without wholesale prices.

    Anyhow… keep up the timed editions Mondo, I appreciate it!

  62. Print companies pay the same amount per tube as anyone else. I buy from the same Yazoo site as you.

  63. I love this idea and got one earlier. Looking at my movie collection, one movie jumped out as my choice for a golden ticket: The Sandlot. I don’t know, I guess the era it’s set in strikes me as appropriate for Olly’s style.

  64. Amazing artist! I would have loved to have gotten a copy of Olly’s ‘My Neighbour Totoro’ (variant) and his ‘Return of the Jedi’ posters! But this one will suffice…. for now.

    I think if I won the golden ticket, I’d ask him do something like Pan’s Labyrinth!

  65. 9,350 is the edition size. I’m a bit surprised it wasn’t larger.

  66. They never said the Golden Ticket poster had to be based on a movie. It can be based on any subject.

  67. @admin Retail for me is Staples/Office Max, which I guarantee costs more than my “yahoo site,” whatever that means. And if you aren’t getting a bulk discount through a supplier, that would be your own fault.

    Anyhow, almost $400K in the bank, that’s still pretty impressive (I, too, thought the edition size would push 15K)… like I said, here’s hoping to more timed editions in the future!

  68. Colin: I think he was referring to Yazoo ( not Yahoo.

  69. Ah, fair enough… my brain ignored the Z and assumed it was a Y, hence my confusion.

    But, to the point, their prices are way better than any retail store I buy tubes at, I just never need more than 1 or 2 at a time.

    Anyhow, I’m off the topic… I would pay $14 in shipping any day of the week to be able to buy some of the posters I’ve really wanted from Mondo over the years, so no more complaints from me, I promise!

  70. What is the actual number? I knew @admin could do this. You guys had this planned for sometime. You even knew about it when when @admin and I had a short discussion about my words. Every release should be like this and keep the variants limited.

  71. Tyler Stout Avengers would have been a nice timed release.

  72. It’s nice to have a times release, but they might as well offset printed these. They aren’t even worth the paper they are printed on in an edition of almost 10k. Which if you are a collector that’s crazy.
    I don’t understand why people think they should be charged actual shipping cost. Do you guys not understand that they have a staff, overhead on a retail space, shipping supplies, cost, and time. People on eBay get like this too.
    I also don’t get why people think if you can sell something on eBay at 4x the amount you bought it in 2 hours that it’s a bad thing. That’s great! It’s not like if all of those people stopped doing that magically you become the only fan of the Avengers or Akira.
    Just be happy there is even a company that is printing a good about of quality movie posters.

  73. anyone above who is complaining about shipping is just doing so to complain.
    This isn’t one guy selling 1 print on ebay. This is a company paying a few people an hourly wage to properly handle a valuable item and wrap it properly and pack it properly.
    Mondo made a ton of money but running a business isn’t free. Olly didn’t make this print for free, Mondo either paid him a 1 time fee or a per print cut. Mondo/Olly also had to pay to license the use of Batman/Dark Knight Rises from DC/ Warner bros.

    I’m happy they did what they did! If you are not happy, save your money and buy more tissues so you can continue crying about it.

  74. I’m looking for someone who can tell me about a Dark Knight “poster” I have. It is 24″ x 11.5″, matte front back and laminated (?) back. What is it? I haven’t been able to find anything like it online. It was acquired from a theatre after the movie’s first run, and has been rolled and stored in a tube. Any idea what it would be worth? Thanks for any info you can give me!

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