Aaron Horkey’s Poster for The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

I don’t normally post about things that are already sold out and will never make it online, but I really, really have love for Aaron Horkey’s new poster for LOTR: The Return of the King. It debuted at last week’s Mondo Mystery Movie X, and will not get an online release, but it’s an absolute stunner, even on screen (and trust me, it looks a million times better in person). It’s a 19.25″ x 39″ screenprint with an edition of 260 (the variant has an edition of 125). I’ve also included one of Aaron’s pencil sketches, just to give a glimpse into his almost-all-by-hand process. Enjoy!

30 Responses to “Aaron Horkey’s Poster for The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King”

  1. that pencil sketch is stunning

  2. I hate it because I can’t have it
    Please add new posts to knock this off the front page – I can’t bear to look at it any longer

  3. Matt, what an asinine non sequitur. Maybe I know only cool women, or maybe you’re a complete dud. Judging by the evidence, it’s probably the latter.

  4. @clint, good eye, i didn’t even see the moth! Poster gets better and better ha

  5. sonuvabitch these event only releases are chapping my arse this month

  6. lol @ MattB

  7. @Emily…The Balrog would be amazing for Fellowship. That whole scene with Gandalf over the last bridge in Moria.

  8. By sheer luck I scored one of these and they are gorgeous. My chick likes this one, I dont see what woman would forbid something this awesome from going up on the wall.

  9. What ever happened to Aaron’s Letterpress retrospective series with Dead Arts? They stopped at series number two of five..

  10. Snagged one of the bay. Sweet!! Expensive but well worth.

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