“Red Riding Hood” Art Print by Lora Zombie

This is, in my opinion, Lora Zombie’s best print yet. “Red Riding Hood” is a 20″ x 30″ giclee, has an edition of 175, and costs $90. Word is they’re getting pretty short on supply. Visit EyesOnWalls.com.

Click the first image to see it larger:

5 Responses to ““Red Riding Hood” Art Print by Lora Zombie”

  1. I LOVE THIS! Wish I had the $90 to part with to grab one.

  2. Man o man. Lora’s work is the bomb!

    I love all her stuff.

  3. love it.

  4. How do I get one!

  5. It’s not going to be made into a iPhone cover or a coffee mug…is it?

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