All 17 Poster Images from Jay Shaw’s Mondo Show

Jay Shaw’s new show at Mondo, an ode to the films of Blue Underground, opened on Friday, so I thought I’d post the images here. I believe some sold out, but others should make it to the internet eventually (though don’t expect many, as these are all very limited). As always, keep an eye on

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  1. The raw, gritty and super-sleazy underbelly of cult cinema is captured so perfectly that you can actually smell the hookers and bums as you view these sexy perversions of prints. 42nd St is alive once again!

    Bravo, Jay! Bravo!

  2. incredible!

  3. WOO!!!!

  4. Indeed! Bring on the online sleaze please!

  5. Some people’s entire portfolio doesn’t look as good as this collection, nice work.

  6. Seriously amazing work, that KIller Nun poster is one of the coolest posters I’ve seen in a while….unworldy!

  7. Consistent

  8. Blue Underground…..

    Was hoping for a “Final Countdown” print. Love that movie.

  9. if you know when these drop, then let us know. dont beat around the bush.

  10. Great job jay!

  11. These are really pretty awesome, and I love the movies he chose. I hate to say though, the Il Gatto Nero one looks like an anus.

    I can’t unsee it.

  12. Well, these are smart as fuck.

  13. I would like Jay’s work more if it didn’t so heavily resemble the work he’s inspired by. For instance, the Bone print immediately recalls the Cuban poster for Stollen Kisses:

  14. Bravo, Jay. Bravo.

  15. Django and NY Ripper FTW personally, but it’s a tough call since every one of them’s a knockout in it’s own way. Welcome to the pantheon of the kickers of ass JS!

  16. I would be a bigger fan of Jay’s work if it didn’t so closely resemble the work he’s inspired by. For instance, Google the Cuban poster for Stolen Kisses, and then take a look at his poster for Bone. Same exact concept.

  17. ^^^ its not it’s dammit!

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