Aaron Horkey’s Andrew Bird Poster (Onsael Info)

You’ll finally get your chance to buy Aaron Horkey’s new Andrew Bird poster tomorrow. It’s a 14″ x 33″ screenprint, has an edition of 245, and will cost $60. The variant has an edition of 50 and will cost $120. These both go up tomorrow (Friday, May 18th) “around” 2pm Central Time. Visit Postersandtoys.com.

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  1. Thanks, Mitch!

  2. How many of the 245 regulars will be available for sale?

  3. good question.

    things where going like hot cakes in the 20 mins i was at the show for.

  4. Damn, guess for next time I know around two can actually mean before one… Gone

  5. These have not gone up for sale yet.

  6. you got to me on twitter first, thanks <3

    was confused on why you would give a time (as opposed to typical no time given) if it would be so far off.

    turns out its just the site not making a distinction between not yet available and sold out.

  7. although, in your defense, it does say
    “Coming Friday, May 18th “around” 2pm Central Time.”

    haha :p

  8. got it thx again <3, it added 2 to my cart i was refreshing so much~ gogogo everyone great print!

  9. So are these already sold out?

  10. “ugh oh, lots of oversell” per his twitter. dont count your chickens yet, sportsfans.

  11. they sold out within second it appears… with oversell :\ … I was in and out instantly so hope I’m okay and that Mitch is able to sort this out without too much collateral damage. Not surprising why, the print is fucking incredible.

  12. shit man, if we were sports fans we wouldn’t be geeking out over an andrew bird/aaron horkey print~

    Anyway, I think (hope?) I’m ok.

  13. Yeah. Had it in my cart, but it signed me out of his site and the time to punch in my password and by the time i was at paypal, it was gone. Poopsies. Good get tho, max. Hope you don’t get refiunded

  14. Thanks Cap’n, I’ve been holding out for this one so I’ll be really disappointed but I *should* be okay…anyway here’s what I did.

    Beginning at 2:40 EST I kept hitting add to cart then back, refreshed log in every 5 mins, had PP logged in but that didn’t help. At about 12:50 the Add to Cart finally added 2 to cart I had been clicking so much, stomach dropped and time went slow for a few seconds as I found the way to make it back down to 1, and I got out of there as quick as possible.

    tl;dr Probably was checked out within 60 seconds of it coming up. Likely my favorite print of the year.


  16. gotta love the ebay postings before he even confirms or refunds the purchases though 😛 man I’d go right for those fuckers if it was cost-effective.

    Will probably be having this one professionally framed and can see it hanging for forty+ years.

    Anyway, I hope there are more successes, because I only see mine :( d’aw

  17. You would think with technology these days, websites could be designed to completely stop over-selling of any items being sold. This website is pretty crap. I once got an order cancelled because I put the State Initials (ex. CA) instead of the full state name, ex. California. They really need to upgrade their website.

  18. man, I hate it when they do that. people just trying to make a profit on ebay. I want this on my wall for the rest of my life.

  19. ps according to my screen the status is “Andrew Bird 2012 Concert Poster by Aaron Horkey SOLD OUT…Oversold…Refunds Coming”

    I wonder what the true refund process is other than my educated guess, which is first to get out anyone who ordered more than one. Then, get out the last x number of people through checkout who probably only made it because of a few ms lag.

    Other than that I have no idea, the more complex his system the more time he has to work for the same amount of money so it’s not really worth it.

  20. Man, I wish I wasn’t so damn obnoxious.

  21. Contacted the eBay sellers, and none that have gotten back to me have actually been to the Boston show and physically have the posters in their possession.

    With all the overselling going on, they’re really counting their Andrew Birds before they hatch. I’d recommend uhhh, NOT buying from any eBay asshats.

    Not that I could afford their price-gouging desert-island bullshit anyway. Best I can hope for at this point is a second printing :(

  22. +1

  23. placed my order within the first seconds it was available – got a refund – this pretty sucks!

  24. seems amount of colors and extra info doesnt matter when youre buying from a master like Horkey. Wow!

  25. Horkey rules.


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