There’s a Mysterious Breaking Bad Poster Series Afoot…

Remember the mysterious Lost poster series a couple of years ago? Well, it seems we’re about to have a similar situation with Breaking Bad prints. A bunch of viral reveals went down last night, culminating in the debut of a website promising 16 coming prints by prominent poster artists (each with editions of 300). The first is a 12″ x 36″ screenprint by Daniel Danger for $50. Not sure when it will go up for sale, keep your eyes glued to

Click the image to see it larger:

15 Responses to “There’s a Mysterious Breaking Bad Poster Series Afoot…”

  1. What a start with Danger 🙂 Amazing print

  2. so how many times will I F5 only to of course not F5 whenever “soon” is?

    I at least hope soon is today.

  3. Stout poster w/ all the characters one time please, thanks. Also a nice Slater of Gus’s face made out of guns and chicken parts would be nice.

  4. Best show on television + best artists in the field. I’ll be spending a lot of money here.

  5. Well, looks like I’ll be liquidating some of the LOST ones to try and grab these. Walt White would tell me that’s displacement.

  6. Dropped a few minutes ago.

  7. Oh yeah!!Easy drop!!Love the poster, must look amazing in person.

  8. all you guys that buy these up to mark em up on ebay are scum.

  9. @ jbanda; i don’t let it get to me – there’s always another amazing print around the corner (more and more it seems these days)!

  10. Missed the drop, bought a $150 buy it now off the ebay machine because I think this series is going to be really cool and I feel like the price of this will just go through the roof once this thing gets moving and I’ll kick myself. Can’t wait to see how it looks in person.

  11. @jbanda You can not pay the prices and wait until they drop or just STFU and pay up. Your choice really. Oh, and you can also not be a sore buyer and actually learn to acquire during drops.

    That is all.


  12. Fans shouldn’t have to “pay up” because you’re being an opportunistic jackass.

  13. @deltasigchi4 do you realize it’s hard to buy at the drop when dbags like you buy them up to flip them? if you’re not keeping the poster for yourself don’t buy it. stop being a middle man.

  14. I wonder if the drop time on future posters will be regularly btwn 4-5 PM… is that EST or CST?

  15. do i smell a stout cooking up?

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