Angryblue’s New Poster for The Melvins

I’ve been pretty excited about this one for awhile, glad it’s finally seeing the light of day. Angryblue’s new poster for The Melvins and Unsane is an 18″ x 18″ screenprint, has an edition of 200, and costs $40. Visit

8 Responses to “Angryblue’s New Poster for The Melvins”

  1. also excited to see this finally. Picked one up at launch.

  2. I’m picking this one up. That’s one crazy cat. Love it!

  3. Dont buy from this guy!!!
    Total rip-off.
    Bought a letterpress print from him 6 months ago and never got it.
    And he wont answer my e-mails.

  4. I have bought a number of Angryblue prints with no problem. He even threw in a great “Flipinati” print for free with my last order. I question your statement because he hasn’t done a letter press this year. You should have just gotten a refund via PayPal if you had a problem.

  5. Just noticed you said six months ago. I still think you making it up though.

  6. occasionally, orders get lost in postal purgatory. I’ve successfully shipped off hundreds of prints this year (and usually have tracking, if not at least a dated customs declarations form for international orders) so far. sometimes, things get lost.

    sometimes, i might not see an email amidst the tsunami of spam choking up my inbox suggesting i pleasure ladies better with tree-sized parts of my body.

    try writing me again today either from my page or through my facebook and i’ll try to figure out what happened. i want anyone who’s nice enough to purchase one of my prints to have a good experience.

    unfortunately, sometimes things happen. i promise i’m not too big of a jerk.


  7. Ive tried contacting you many times through direct e-mail and your site’s contact form. Didnt get anywhere and became increasingly frustrated.

    Sad to say but this isnt the first time this happened. I ordered the High on Fire Goatcvlt print (which is really fantastic btw) from you and it also took nearly 5 months and a couple emails before I finally got it.

    Your work is great, no doubt about it. I own several of your prints, The Priest, High on Fire and some others. But not getting a print you ordered after waiting several months for it and being completely in the dark with no replies to emails is really frustrating and infuriating.

  8. maybe i have a personal vendetta against you.

    at any rate, i’d like to make it up to you. please hit me up and we’ll see if we can work something out.

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