The Delicious Design League Mystery Tube Sale

Wow, this is one of the best mystery tube deals I’ve seen yet. For only $20, you’ll get five random posters from Delicious Design League. Snatch em up at

9 Responses to “The Delicious Design League Mystery Tube Sale”

  1. Who even knows how fast these were gone; but they were sold out by the time I got to checkout.

    It seemed there was no quantity limit so could have on,y been a few people placing all the orders.


  2. We packed and added another 50 to our inventory!
    Mad Max, if you don’t get one, email us, and I’ll make sure you get one anyway.


  3. We added 50 more tubes so the sale is back on. Thanks everyone!

  4. Thanks Billy! Got a set 🙂

  5. Billy, I checked out with the wrong shipping address.

    I sent an email to Jason, who was on the receipt via PP, with the correct address.

    This will be fine, right?


  6. I’ll make him aware. Should be fine.

  7. Thanks, had forwarded you, and info, a copy as well. That was my college address, which I no longer live at, and it’s halfway across the state 😛

    So good thing I caught it quickly

  8. Picked up a 5 piece of my own. Can’t wait to see what i got!!!

  9. Glad I saw this post.. Just picked up a set as well! Cheers!

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