Jay Shaw Takes on the Films of Blue Underground at Mondo Gallery in June

I’m very, very excited to announce the next show at Mondo’s gallery in Austin. Jay Shaw will be creating a number of posters for films that he hand-selected from Blue Underground’s catalog. Everything will be super limited, and Jay will be in attendance. That’s all the info we have for now, keep an eye on Mondotees.com.

Oh, and as a bonus, here’s a peek at one of the posters. Really awesome.

Oh (again), here’s a third piece of news. Head to the Mondo table at Texas Frightmare Weekend in Dallas Friday to pick up another brand new poster by Mr. Shaw, this one is for his biggest film yet (plus a couple of other new debuts).

18 Responses to “Jay Shaw Takes on the Films of Blue Underground at Mondo Gallery in June”

  1. Congrats, Jay! I’ll be there with chaps on!

  2. Wow! These are really creepy/cool. “The Nesting” is absolutely stunning! Nice work Mr. Shaw!

  3. Jay, well deserved sir!

    Hoping to attend and be in awe of your mad skillz!

  4. Good stuff, Jay/Mondo! Congrats 🙂

  5. Congrats my friend ! couldn’t happen to a cooler dude. Amazing work on “The Nesting”

  6. This is gonna be awesome, congrats Jay!

  7. Well deserved Jay.

    Hope to be there for the opening!

  8. Blue Underground has an amazing catalog.

    Should be lots of awesome stuff.

    Can’t wait to see what Jay selects.

  9. Very cool. Would love to make it to the show… congrats Jay!

  10. Super Congratulations Jay, can’t wait to see everything!

  11. got my spaghetti western fingers crossed real tight on this one…

  12. Awesome stuff, awesome artist, awesome guy.

  13. Fulci’s Zombie, Dead and Buried or Shockwaves would be amazing. “Super Limited” is the scary part.

  14. @ Juangus wont your kid be scared of this? Great work Mr. IRON JAIDEN! The nesting reminds me of a wine opener. I love me some dark wine.

  15. Congrats jay! This is badass!

  16. Congrats IJ…can’t wait to see what you’ve got percolating

  17. The Final Countdown?

  18. Shit Iron Jay, you are blowing up!


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