The Avengers Posters from Mondo (Onsale Info)

Mondo will release a number of Avengers posters this week. The info for each is below. Captain America and Hulk will be available today (Thursday, April 26th) at a random time. Iron Man and Thor will be available tomorrow (Friday, April 27th) at a random time. Visit

Captain America by Phantom City Creative

24″ x 36″ Screenprint, Edition of 340, $45:

Hulk by Ken Taylor

24″  x 36″ Screenprint, Edition of 320, $45:

Thor by Martin Ansin

24″ x 36″ Screenprint, Edition of 395, $45:

Thor by Martin Ansin (Glow in the Dark Variant)

24″ x 36″ Screenprint, Edition of 120, $75:

Iron Man by Kevin Tong

24″ x 36″ Screenprint, Edition of 345, $45:

Iron Man by Kevin Tong (Variant)

24″ x 36″ Screenprint, Edition of 120, $75:

72 Responses to “The Avengers Posters from Mondo (Onsale Info)”

  1. Can anyone help get reg Thor? I’ll be at work and never land these Mondo drops anyway., please and thanx

  2. Nice. I would need a second house for all the wall space that this series would require at 24″ x 36″ each!

  3. Ansin one is absolutely nuts. Definitely trying for that, good luck all!

  4. The PCC’S one…I did a double take cause I thought it was Alex Ross…great work

  5. PCC’s Cap is gorgeous.

  6. The Ansin is stunning. Gonna definitely try for one of those!

  7. taylor, ansin, tong, and the pcc folks continue taking the poster world to the next level… these are all very well done… mondo is wise to have these guys in their stable of artists… tops in the game.

  8. Really hoping to land Thor

  9. The level of depth in that Cap print is amazing for a screenprint.

  10. The level of shitiness in that Mondo checkout is amazing for a supposedly real company.


  11. @deltasigchi4 welcome to the world of an insanely high demand for a very low number of prints. mondo checkout is pretty damn smooth compared to other websites.

    and i’m pretty sure they’re a real company and not a “supposedly real company”..i’m not entirely sure what that even means.

  12. @ DeltaSigChi4
    You said it. I would even take the day off if I knew I had a chance at this drop. Everyone complains about Obey drops, but I think I got a chance w them. Mondo never unless it’s been sitting for awhile or not as popular. They really should make an easier checkout w PayPal.

  13. Thor is crazy cool…except I don’t get the font and the lightening bolts are kinda weird to me. But I will try to get anyway… Whole series has been good. Will there be a poster for the entire team? Stout maybe?

  14. Love the series…Hope to land the a THOR as well.

    @Colin S, the font of Thors name is to represent a constellation of stars.

  15. Cool posters, would have been nice to see some marvel artists though.

  16. Don’t you people get it? These Mondo cats made up a business and they run it how they want. As they freakin should! They don’t “control and manipulate” the market, there WASN’T one before they came around. You think the only people after these posters are you same 6 or 7 dipshits who are constantly on these boards complaining? STFU! Yall are the same fools who bitch and moan every freakin drop. Mondo has like 15000 followers on Twitter, WTF do you expect? Be thankful somebody came along to facilitate cool ass art like this being commissioned. No Mondo, and you’re stuck with that Iron Man offset poster they give you for free with purchase of a Chalupa at Taco Bell.

  17. They “made up a business”? They might have launched a “start-up” (Mondo), but they did not create shit, you moron. Posters existed before these nerds commissioning artists to create what they broker and posters will exist after someone else uses the same model to actually do it right.

    It is a simple fact that the new checkout system is WORSE WORSE WORSE WORSE WORSE WORSE WORSE WORSE than the preceding system they had. You think people who were there the second that it went up (cha-cha-cha- nges!) were shut out because of the 1500000000000 monkeys following on tweetner, but not because the fucking checkout system is a pile of complete dogshit. I can make a flowchart for you if it makes it easier to comprehend that it is the checkout system that needs to be improved, not a matter of an individual being there sooner. It is worse than ObeyGiant when Shep was at his peak, and that is saying a lot.

    That is all.


  18. The backend of the checkout system has not been changed – just some of the visuals of the page. So…. it’s all in your head.

    And even if, hypothetically, the checkout system had gotten worse, it’d be worse for EVERYBODY. You are in competition with EVERYONE ELSE WHO WANTS THESE POSTERS. The checkout system is a drop of water compared to the ocean that is your competition.

    There is no deterministic way to process the number of requests that the website gets hit with – it comes down to luck sometimes. And that’s just for how the website handles the requests in the order IT receives them. In the order those requests are MADE, things are even more nondeterministic because you have to factor in the entire system of networks between each individual would-be-buyer and the Mondo servers. Accept the chaos, and stop trying to make it sound like Mondo is actively screwing you over when no such thing is happening.

  19. If Delta had a real job, he wouldn’t get so fired up about missing these Mondo drops so he can flip them for paltry profits on

  20. Thor matches many of my other posters hanging on my walls. I’m sure it’s the same for alot of you. Also, fuck the business of Mondo. Cause I really don’t give a shit!! I just want their posters. I don’t give a rats ass about flipping either. Corny ass it sounds, I love the art. Fuck the bullshit. I’m a hooker for this shit.

  21. I have a job, guy. I really do not appreciate the personal ad hom attacks. If it makes you feel better to imagine that I collect aluminum cans for a living or busk or whatever, then go ahead and fantasize.

    The fact of the matter is that if the checkout system was not as shitty as it was, those arriving first (you know who you are) would have the goddamn pieces of paper, and the cunts waiting for twitter tweets and other similar buffoons would never insomuch as ever see a fucking buy button. Now since the checkout system is the biggest pile of lizard shit on the face of the earth, well …..


  22. Whatever dude, you didnt get a print. Who cares? It happens to me all the time. Even if their checkout was as perfect as you want it, you still might not get one.
    These comments are on here every week about the same exact thing. Sometimes youre lucky sometimes youre not. Shrug it off and move on with your life. Its not the end of the world.

  23. Ignore Stoney, he is a P.O.S. He gets off on this type of attention. He is sitting at home spanking his monkey while hitting F5 and waiting for a Mondo drop.

  24. Personally, I’ve never had a problem with a Mondo drop that I really wanted, mostly because I’m not a fucking retard. If I want a drop bad enough, I make sure I’m ready for it. No, not every drop has gone perfectly, but when you have 20,000+ people going after a poster that only has a run of 380, it happens. That’s, you know, common sense. I honestly don’t see how anyone could have trouble comprehending that. Even if the Mondo site was hosted on some sort of super server, and the checkout process was lightning fast, you’d still be too fucking slow to score anything. If you haven’t been able to figure out the check out system as it is, a faster checkout system wouldn’t do shit for you. You’d still be beaten by the people who are already beating you, and left bitching and whining and feeling sorry for yourself.

    If you’re going to freak out and shit your pants every time you miss a drop, maybe you should just find a different hobby, and spare yourself any further embarrassment.

  25. Delta, you just don’t get it. Everyone is in the exact situation, so there is no unfairness whatsoever. And there are more people refreshing the site than there are posters on many occasions, so your assertion that Tweeters are stealing posters from those more dedicated is false – following the Tweets is a terrible way to try to get a poster, with a success rate close to naught I imagine. Anyone serious about these drops is doing exactly what you’re doing, so again – COMPETITION.

  26. Best of luck, folks. That Ansin print is downright amazing.

  27. The only way to get a Mondo print is too sit at your computer and F5 the entire day until the drop. Then be really fast at check out and use CC not paypal.

  28. I’ve used PayPal and nabbed quite a few posters. It’s all luck of the draw.

  29. man, late drop…

  30. Looks like the West coast is getting a fair shake at this too. The more the merrier!

    Let’s just hope it drops soon though. I have to get some work done today. 😉

  31. I sure don’t like this tension. Just tell me I don’t get the poster so I can go to lunch!

  32. Mondo is messing with us today. They might drop with at 11:59PM Pacific time

  33. Well if that’s the case, you’ll have one less in the mix. These are cool posters, but it’s not worth losing a job over.

  34. This drop is a f*****g nightmare. There goes my Friday.

  35. Yes Flip, sooo sooorrry. If you factor in your worth per hour, your flipping profit might not be worth it!

  36. Hell yeah!! Make those flippers work!!

  37. cmon……..i wanna go outside and stuff!!!

  38. While you’re waiting, IGN posted their review for The Avengers. I’m pleased to report that it scored much better than I expected. Much better.

  39. The longer wait, the bigger the advantage for the flippers. They can sit there all day, because they have nothing else to do. Whereas working folk can’t afford to refresh every 3 seconds for 8+ hours straight…they have to actually take 5 minutes to do something, and BAM, they missed it. That’s the way I see it, anyway.

  40. ^ this

  41. This wait is killing me. First time I’ve ever taken time out of my day to wait for a drop

  42. This is just beyond stupid. Just drop.

  43. 10 more minutes and you guys have one less person to compete against. this is silly.

  44. I think Mike nailed it. A noon drop for the West coast. At least I hope that’s the case. I have a meeting soon.

  45. Just wondering will “Rumpelstiltskin” be the first Mondo print not to sell out.

  46. Don’t let Mondo fool you, they have had a lot that didnt sell out. They will eventually take them down.

  47. Record for latest drop ever?

  48. I’m surprised half the stuff they release sells out, with all the junk they put out.

  49. Flippers don’t care indeed – this drop blows!

  50. Yippee! +1 regular Thor!

    Almost had the Variant, too, and then would have helped you out, Skank. Sorry, next time.

  51. 5 hours & 15 minutes wasted, thanks Mondo checkout system

  52. Damn. That was a mess. Had what I needed in the cart and never got past Step 1. Congrats to those who grabbed one!

  53. bah… so much for a regular Iron Man :( that was a rough checkout. surprising? with this release, no. disappointing? certainly

  54. got both of Thor prints and iron man reg! yay

  55. ehhhh, i take it in the pooper again from Mondo, checking out and then there is apparently nothing in my cart. I know, i should stop my b!tching…long day

  56. Stayed home from work to refresh page since 6:30 pacific time. And all i got was a frozen checkout.Now it’s time to pick up after my 2 year old. What a mess indeed. Congratulations hookers, I mean flippers. Lol!! Good looking Sam. Thank You :)

  57. Oh whoops.
    I was refreshing the wrong page.

  58. hard not to bitch when you gotta pay 5 to 6x more on ebay. i’m disgusted. i saw 2 right away for 200$ or so, and then….poof.. since i cant ever land these mondo heavyweight drops, Im all for raffling. ha ha the jokes on me. please mondo come up with a solution for a faster type checkout without all those extra buttons that slow down transactions. damn

  59. Yep, 4 hours wasted. Congrats to anyone who got one

  60. I don’t see how a faster check out will help anyone out. It’s like saying your didn’t win a soccer game because the field was wet. Everyone has to play under the same conditions. You win some you lose some.

  61. So I was talking with a friend and thought of something…

    What’s stopping some disgruntled poster enthusiasts from creating fake ebay accounts and ruining auctions of posters that go up the moment they drop?

    Just a thought…

  62. Unfortunately, I have to agree with Taso. I’ve been very lucky with Mondo. But you always have to expect the worst on these super releases. I mean, these posters were plastered all over every comic book/ video game/ geek site on the web. With such small edition sizes and the obvious marketability of the prints, the number of people trying to grab these releases must have been astronomical.

    Better luck next time, folks!

  63. How Do some people get 3 or even two prints on these drops? I messed up cause I don’t know how the hell the checkout. I’m playing soccer without legs. That’s why I think they should have easier checkouts. I was able to grab it on my iMac and iPad and froze calculating shipping. My iPad never had chance. I think whoever is getting more than one print isn’t just fast they have some advantages. Maybe Internet service computer? And I know everyone I gonna disagree. That even their slow service bla bla bla.

  64. What annoys me the most is,,, how does a professional eBay flipper like urban_gallery have not one but TWO captain america prints to sell? FYI for $300 each. Time and time again this seller is able to get multiple Mondo prints and list them on eBay immediately. It just stinks of behind the scenes shenanigans going on. Ohwell… Life goes on.

  65. You all know if people do not buy the ones on ebay, there will be no choice for the flippers to lower their prices. Simple as that. The demand is always great after the drop and then the price usually will go down in a few months. Just wait.

    One of the reasons for the limited numbers, Mondo does it for the artists. The artists are happy because their prints (the APs) are worth more and they can sell them at a higher price.

  66. Larger edition APs please for Thor. Posters and Toys has easier checkout? Yes or No?

  67. Just because I <3 internet fights:

    DeltaSigChi4, you recognize the dissonance in saying

    "I really do not appreciate the personal ad hom attacks."

    followed closely with:

    "…and the cunts waiting for twitter tweets and other similar buffoons…"

  68. Mondo should do everyone right in a step by step fast checkout process, with all the bells and whistles. It would avoid the honest dumb fucks like myself from complaining all the fucking time. Seems that most who know and score are saying shit like well you gotta be fast or some bull. Give the proper instructions and give everyone a fair chance. I’m begging you motherfuckers. Please

  69. 10,000 people try to order a poster and most complain that the checkout system is not working properly. When there are only 400 posters to go around, 9,600 of those people are going to fail. The system will work incorrectly on the day that it sells posters to all 10,000, and then all those people get refunded. A system that only sells to the first 400 people who can get through checkout is working exactly right. Everyone from person #401 onward is going to be frustrated and disappointed, but not refunded–because the checkout system works correctly.

    Thankfully, the system doesn’t reserve an item in your cart, so it’s not just the first 400 people to cart it. Because then the pros would instantly get ten copies each added in ten different browsers and have a guaranteed thirty minutes to leisurely check out with ten different accounts. All the people who complain that it sold out while they were checking out would just start complaining that it sold out before they could even cart it. This way, it’s a race through checkout and nobody is guaranteed anything until the payment is processed. This method actually works against flippers, believe it or not. Be happy that when you get to the product page, you still see an add to cart button. That wouldn’t be the case if the first 400 people to cart it got a special reservation–you would almost never see that button again if they switched to that method.

  70. @Skank, Posters and Toys is the same deal. But, I have had more luck there then on Mondo. There is only one site that I know that does it correctly. I forgot who the artist is at the moment, but the moment you put the item in your cart…it is yours, unless there is an over sell. Which does happen.

    It is true the demand is so high and the majority of those who complain do not realize this.

    Mondo will not do a timed edition, which I feel would favor the majority but piss of the fanatics and to solve that problem…keep the variants limited.

  71. Did Delta get one? Boy I hope so.

  72. +1 Thor reg eBay bid. Just squeezed water out of a rock :( this is a must have IMO

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