Daniel Danger’s Poster for Friday’s At The Drive-In Show in El Paso

Last Friday, At The Drive-In performed in their hometown of El Paso, TX. Daniel Danger created this amazing poster, which was for sale at the show. The imagery is based on their legendary “Classroom” tape. It’s a 15″ x 30″ screenprint, and like the others, a small artist edition should be online eventually. This was a really fun run of shows to work on, hopefully there will be more. Enjoy!

Click the image to see it MUCH larger, this one is way too small.

23 Responses to “Daniel Danger’s Poster for Friday’s At The Drive-In Show in El Paso”

  1. Best of the four.

  2. oh man, that is one of the best gig posters I think I’ve ever seen.

  3. I can haz?

  4. I got one, then got caught in the middle of the swaying crowd when ATDI came on and was crushed along with my poster…… BUT it has so much more soul now and a story to go with it. Had i realized it was a Danger and was numbered, i might have moved to the side earlier.

  5. how the hell could you not tell it was a Danger?!

  6. Aaaand the ATDI poster dominance continues! Great work daniel!

  7. ‘Soul’? Are you going to display it in the garage with thumbtacks? Worthless now.


  8. shoxtp, please display it with thumbtacks because delta up here thinks its worthless now. i disagree.

  9. Burn

  10. I suppose everything has its own special worth to each individual (‘jesus’ grilled cheese sandwich?), but if you really want to show me up (or “Burn”) me, list it on eBay.com with an accurate description of its condition to see if you get what you paid for it back. No offence intended to the emo one.


  11. It’s a $30 poster at a show. Not everyone is concerned about the aftermarket worth of their shit.

    Had they bought a CD at the show, it’d have been worth almost nothing the minute they took the plastic off.

  12. not everything is a baseball card.

  13. I absolutely cannot wait to get one of these!

  14. Such a great poster. This whole series has been outstanding.
    Love the stories about posters getting roughed up during ATDI’s set. I saw a photo of Tong’s all mangled and lovingly tacked up to a bedroom wall. Perfect.

  15. Pretty amazing poster.
    A lot of subtleties in this one that I really like.

  16. It is indeed a poster at a show. If you want to get real ‘meta’ about it, more people should worry about the fucking show and nothing else (beer, poster, cd, et cetera); no one that camps, queues, and is barrier centre has a poster, because they do not worry about any of the bullshit besides their front row centre thereby successfully representing their true objective at the event. But in any case the poster is worthless now. That is all.


  17. i believe the 6 month EB sentimental value average on the poster in question to be quite high.

  18. Is anybody wondering why we’re listening to lessons on the cool factor of an amazing poster of an amazing band with authentic battle damage, from a guy whose name is a fraternity and whose link is a site on submission fighting? Just sayin…

  19. i think that delta can suck a fart.

    in 25 years when he kicks the bucket and his kids throw away all the perfect prints that he saved for all this time, hoping some day they would be anything more than a piece of paper with anywhere from 2-18 colors screened upon it.

    enjoy yours however you and shut up.

    you can’t force people to care about somthing you may care about in a differnt matter. Atempt all you want i have a feeling this kids quite happy with his print so kindly go screw.

  20. Very cool, would love to get one! Battle damage or not.

  21. Delta is a Class A troll and doesn’t keep any prints. He flips them on Ebay for paltry profits along with a bunch of shitty hipster t-shirts from tfury, woot, etc.

  22. Thanks for the plug, stoney.


  23. After buying mine I hurried up and called a friend that was drinking at the bar upstairs and not going to the show to take it out of my hands and hold on to it till tomorrow morning. I didn’t even look at the poster till the following morning. Good thing because it allowed me to enjoy the concert with the rest of the crowd, swaying and pushing from side to side. The following day I saw it and man was I glad I didn’t hold onto it all night. Wish I would’ve bought two. But anyways it’s getting framed right now.

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