A Benefit for Asa

Just got an email about this heart-wrenching benefit for a little boy named Asa. After three heart surgeries, he’s doing fine, but the bills have gotten out of hand. There are tons of posters and records available via auction, take a look at 32Auctions.com.

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  1. God bless Asa and his family!!

    Hey Mitch, maybe you can move this up to the first position in today’s blog entries so it gets more eyeballs and attention throughout the day.

    And good on you for posting and getting behind causes that need some help, God bless!

  2. Don’t worry, folks will see it here too, it’s a new post for the day. Cheers.

  3. Can we just donate cash?

  4. good idea!

    if anyone knows of a paypal address where we can send cash, let me know.

    most of the items on the auction are already out of my price range. 🙁

    i guess that’s a good thing!

  5. I was thinking the same thing. I would totally donate some $ to something like this rather than spend it on something I probably dont need…like another print haha!

  6. Thanks guys –
    Paypal direct donation to

    Also – just turned over 14 prints last night that should be uploaded today

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