“Call The Banners” Game of Thrones Print Series by Rhys Cooper

Rhys Cooper is offering the first three prints in his six print “Call The Banners” series, based on Game of Thrones. These are 12″ x 38″ screenprints, edition will be partially determined by pre-order numbers. You can buy the first three for $90, or all six for $180, or all six variants (die-cut at the bottom) for $240. Visit his shop.

4 Responses to ““Call The Banners” Game of Thrones Print Series by Rhys Cooper”

  1. I love these! A little pricey for me, since I want the whole series, but I’ll try to make it happen. Rhys is seriously coming out with some awesome stuff! Great work!

  2. They look great, but I really wish they were 12×36 to fit existing frames. I will probably pass rather than pay for six custom framing jobs. He did a good job, though!

  3. My thoughts exactly on the framing. Too bad as these are pretty fantastic.

  4. +1 for me they’re killer. the framing ain’t too bad if you go with a simple 24×38 on ebay and put two together which works out with six prints

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