The Wrath of Khan and The Black Keys Posters by Tyler Stout (Lottery Sale Info)

You still have just over three hours to enter Tyler Stout’s lottery to buy his posters for The Wrath of Khan and The Black Keys. The Wrath of Khan regular is $60, variant is $100, and The Black Keys poster is $40. You have until Tuesday, April 3rd at 12pm Pacific Time to enter the lottery. Get all the info via Tyler’s Blog.

23 Responses to “The Wrath of Khan and The Black Keys Posters by Tyler Stout (Lottery Sale Info)”

  1. Good luck to everybody who still doesn’t have a copy of Khan–hope abunch of us get picked in the lottery today.

  2. KHAN!!!!!!

  3. fingers crossed – good luck everybody

  4. Khhhhaaaan! Entered. Fingers and toes crossed. Good luck all.

  5. i’m stoney broke so no khan do 😉
    good look to the rest of you though!

  6. OK, it’s past noon and all of my fingers and toes are crossed.

  7. Very cool. Just got my Wrath Of Khan.

  8. Ah, nuts…

    Well, congrats!

  9. Has everyone been notified now? :(

  10. Yes, the site has been updated to say that all e-mails went out. Sorry if you didn’t get notified. (Neither did I.) I’m sure he had a ton of entries.

  11. Any winners outside of the U.S.?

  12. Yeah no doubt. Ah well – maybe next time!

  13. 1 for the U.K. – so cool!

  14. 1 heading to the emerald isle, Ireland… OH YEAH!!!

  15. 1 for Lands End UK – Bonus!

  16. Stout’s a Khan artist!

  17. Orphan status. No toad :(

  18. The Wrath of Maude

  19. Love that Black Keys poster. so good.

  20. @ Anna Witt … Wrath of Maude -LOL! and I love this poster.

  21. 16 on ebay, most with free shipping!

  22. All ended up on eBay…mondo = money grab

    Artists don’t need Mondo…their ship has sailed

  23. Kalm, chill out with the random bashing, please.

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