Ken Taylor’s “20,000 Leagues Under The Sea” Poster (Onsale Info)

Mondo will release this stunning 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea poster by Ken Taylor tomorrow. It’s a 24″ x 36″ screenprint, has an edition of 390, and will cost $50. It goes up tomorrow (Friday, March 30th) at a random time. Visit

Click the image to see the insane detail larger:

75 Responses to “Ken Taylor’s “20,000 Leagues Under The Sea” Poster (Onsale Info)”

  1. Dear Ken,
    Holy shit!

    The rest of us

  2. Well, I hope I get lucky when this goes on sale tomorrow. Really turned out great.

  3. EPIC!

  4. I agree with Jay.
    Beautiful image!
    Awesome work.

  5. Love it! hopefully it will go on sale after I get home from work (5pm UK time). The last few sales have been when I’m on the bus on the way home :-(

  6. Loving those golden highlights on squid

  7. Bingo! Awesome work.

    Metallic Inks yes?

  8. Stunning, wish I wasn’t so broke at the moment :(
    Oh well I can always pick one up on Ebay for double the price in future I guess…

  9. Now that is beautiful!
    Great job Ken!

  10. Man, I REALLY want to like this; and there’s so much about it that absolutely rules, but the lack of action in it really bothers me. It’s as if the giant squid & the Nautilus are just kind of sitting there motionless. If there were just a tiny bit of something there that would give it some action, that would just bring this bad boy on home….

  11. Hells yeah!

  12. @ LOOMS- now that you mention it, i kind of see what you are talking about. Even something as small as adding some bubbles would propably suggest movement/action.

    Far be it from me though to suggest artisic changes to what i do think is an amazing poster done by an amazing artist. If I had the funds i would be f5ing tomorrow with the rest of yal.

  13. Fantastic!! I watched this movie with family as a kid. I hope I can score tomorrow.

  14. not feeling this one too much…
    more for you folks!

  15. Outstanding. After the tweet, what do you do? Reply? Order from the website?

  16. I’m feelin’ it!

  17. Ahh, the constructive critic, how you are adored!
    You know all that Phantom Camera stuff that Guy Ritchie shoots? Where there is a millisecond of frozen time before the screen explodes all over you? THAT is what this poster is. Absolutely phenomenal.
    @Looms, @afrosteeziac, you both should catch carpal tunnel.

  18. wow;wow;wow;wow

  19. LOL, never said it wasn’t drop dead gorgeous. Because it is. Just wanted to drop my small 2cents in Looms direction.

  20. Easily my favorite Mondo poster this year.

  21. Classic poster IMO. Ken Taylor is one bad motha. @ Looms. This poster doesnt need any bubbles. That over critique about needing action or motion is crappy. Do you want this to also come scented, like scratch and sniff! Lol!!

  22. Beautiful. That Nautilus hull is one of my favorite designs of all time, Ken nailed it.

  23. This is probably the best reprint movie poster I have ever seen. Everything about it is perfect down to the era specific font chosen for the text layout. I may try to get one of these. Nice Work Ken!

  24. Amazing detail this is a beauty hope to score! Ken you are fast becoming one of my favorite artists keep the goods coming!!!

  25. Yes yes yes…..this FEELS like the movie

  26. The composition on this print is amazing. The opening of the cave fading to black to accommodate the type, the stalagmite(?). Plus his usual technique. I’ll bet this looks killer in person.

  27. LOVE everything about this print, especially that teal color he used. I have the print he did for The National and it looks amazing in person.

  28. This is beginning to remind me of the last Disney drop…taking forever

  29. Anyone else bothered by the phallic looking front end of the sub.. Just saying

  30. Why would you be bothered by a penis? I like the print even more now!

  31. putting the naughty into Nautilus…

  32. please drop so we can go on about our days

  33. Boring, save your money… está de güeva

  34. Damn can’t access the page D:

  35. that went fast.

  36. Welp, here’s hoping KT puts some AP ones up!

  37. Dang has it in my cart and everything. Close. Of course within 1 minutes of them selling out there are 25+ on ebay. How about Mondo does something to stop assholes from using Bots.

  38. wow that was quick

  39. so 390 prints were gone in 3min? pretty awesome.

  40. It’s people exploiting the system and using bots.

  41. poster = epic win. acquisition of said poster = epic fail.

  42. Freakin Jehovah’s Witness comes to the door… BAM! Gone.

  43. Mondo Tees needs to get a new system. I sat around all day waiting for those things to go on sale and was in as soon as the purchase button appeared. Had it in my basket and hit the proceed to checkout button and that was the end of the line. Never made it to the checkout page, just the spinning arrow. Next thing I know, SOLD OUT! I and several other people were posting disgruntled tweets, but Justin felt compelled to delete mine. What a bunch of BS. Get a real internet store system.

  44. @darian: No, not in 3 minutes, like 10 seconds. I was in there as soon as they appeared had one in my cart and press the proceed to checkout button and that was the end of the line for me. That couldn’t have taken more than 5 to 10 seconds.

  45. Already 26 being flipped on eBay. What a bunch of crap.

  46. @Looms, @afrosteeziac I agree that this poster is lacking dynamism & I think it’s because of the composition. The black Nautilus is in front of the black area of the background & the teal squid is in front of the teal area of the background, so foreground doesn’t stand out, and it seems flat to me. That said, the renderings are great and Ken Taylor’s skill is, of course, undeniable.

  47. Totally blown away by this… amazing work…

  48. So… already 14 of these posters up on Ebay, Buy It Now! Only $499!

  49. Finally get some extra cash to spend but of course still missed the poster anyway ><

    Haven't bough anything since the last olly moss LOST

  50. ever a time when some of the orders eventually don’t end up going through and some more posters are put back up in the store?

  51. Awesome print. I wish people didn’t employ the use of bots to get their orders in. In case anyone is wondering, the reason mondo sells out in a matter of seconds is because people use bots. You can simultaneously place hundreds of orders at once, guaranteeing that one will go through. I’ve mentioned this before and moderators remove my comments…why do that?

  52. Is it possible to buy two of these? I mean I know they are sold out, but I’m asking about the Mondo posters in general? I live with a roommate so is it impossible to get 2 posters since the website says that they are limited to 1 per person/household – could I buy one for both of us?

  53. A poster drops at a “random” time today and 390 posters are magically gone in under a minute. One per household, right.

    How does that happen? Next thing, all the usual suspects are flipping them on ebay. Dismissed as coincidence?

    Wish I could have picked one up. I guess 390 people were clicking refresh on their browser at the exact same second as me at a “random” time.

  54. Yeah actually, if I had to guess I’d say it’s closer to 600-700 people are clicking refresh to get that poster at the exact same time.

    Usually Mondo posters drop between 10am-noon central time. This was a very unusual late drop so there were probably a lot more people than usual on account of the west coast.

  55. The poster scene is such shit. No one who actually wants / collects gets them. Its just a bunch of ebay assholes.

    edition of 390. 300 sold through ebay.

    tired of this shit and time to look for a new hobby

  56. Mondo has 25,000+ followers on Twitter so I’d say that when an awesome print like this is released a few thousand might be trying to get it. The random time may drop that # to the 500-700 range at the drop. What I don’t understand is the low print run for a piece that has such demand. Does the artist set the # long before the drop? If not, why not set a day, start time and end time for taking preorders? Then, you satisfy demand, make more $ and still are not left with excess inventory.

  57. SY, think it through. You can’t get ONE before they’re gone, but you think flippers can magically get multiple in that same time period? What is your explanation for this? Inherent magic flipper powers? An “in” with Mondo? Computer hacking?

    Of course, none of those make any sense. The only controllable factors are 1) internet speed (YOUR connection’s speed), 2) being willing to waste your day refreshing so you’re there right when they go up, and 3) knowing how the site works so you can quickly go through the checkout process. Everything else, for everyone, is just luck.

    You sound surprised that 390 people were clicking refresh at the same time. There are likely thousands all going for these same posters. Plenty of fans miss out each drop, plenty of flippers miss out each drop. There are just so many of each that some fans and some flippers always score, and that’s why there are always some on eBay. There is no conspiracy, and you’ll be happier if you accept that. Work on the 3 factors you can control (outlined above), and accept that the rest is luck.

  58. They tweeted when the posters went up so people likely rushed to it after the tweet rather than everyone just sitting there hitting refresh constantly. You never know though.

  59. The majority of traffic to the site probably clicked the tweet link. But honestly that is normally too late to score – obviously internet speed and knowledge of the checkout process is still important, but if you’re only getting to the site once the tweet has been sent (and the massive wave of traffic has already hit the site), you are severely handicapped.

  60. ^ That just show’s how bad connection that server has and how it cannot handle traffic at all.

  61. My point wasn’t about the server getting slower once the massive wave of traffic hits. The massive wave ITSELF is the problem, regardless of how the server handles it. The more dedicated people are the ones refreshing all day and not waiting for the Twitter announcement – they will invariably be there first. If you do that, you are competing with just that (relatively) smaller amount of dedicated people. If you wait for the tweet, you are now not just competing with those dedicated people (and starting off behind them), but you are ALSO competing with the much larger number of people who aren’t as dedicated and are clicking the Twitter link at the exact same time as you. The server’s performance has nothing to do with this simple fact.

    Regardless of how fast the server is, you are still ultimately competing with everyone else going for the posters. If the site truly just crapped the bed and died, NO ONE would get through. Everyone keeps complaining that the server is what prevented them from getting a poster, but realize that everyone else is in the exact same position. If it was a breeze to get through, then it would be a breeze for everyone, and the posters would sell out that much quicker.

  62. Honestly, the secondary market for the past couple posters is pretty damn reasonable. It’s been worth it to me for others to waste their day while I go about mine.

    This poster didn’t drop til 1:30pm. I’m glad I wasn’t trapped staring at the screen all day.

  63. I suspect this will be a pricy one in 6-10 months time. There are a LOT of Nautilus and Leagues collectors out there, so once the initial flood is gone, this print is gonna be scarce. If you want to buy from a flipper, even though it sucks, do it now.

  64. Poster is going 3x the price already on ebay. Buy it now for 300 – 400.

    Poster is amazing but the likelihood of me being able to afford it now is basically none.

    Sigh, thing looks damn amazing.

  65. Tip: Use Firefox, add the Reloadevery add on, which reloads your browser window every 5 seconds automatically. If you work at a computer during the day, having a window open on the side that is automatically refreshing, helps. I, on the other hand, did this, and a jehovah’s witness came to the door at exactly the moment of the drop. MY conspiracy theory on this one, is that flippers have employed the jehovah’s witness’ as detractors.

  66. everyone that buys from mondo’s website goes through the same process. we all have to add the poster in the cart, confirm the address, and then pay for it….then wait like everyone else.

    people that keeps whining simply don’t want to accept reality. instead they rather voice their opinion without properly analyzing the situation, and then injecting their own business model to mondo like they need to hear it. WHEN YOU RUN YOUR OWN BUSINESS, YOU CAN HAVE YOUR OWN RULES! GTFO or stay with the program.

    if people really want to bitch at someone, bitch at the server for timing out your connection. send it a hate mail if you need to but don’t bitch at mondo for selling/producing great artwork for the public. this hate is a vicious cycle that happens with every drop and it sucks because mondo will never hear the end of it.

  67. As I have stated before, Mondo could of easily sold 1000 of this prints. But, they choose not to. There has to be a reason. They control the secondary market for a reason.

  68. As stated before, Shawn, you don’t have the first clue what you’re talking about.

  69. @shawn – it’s called running your OWN business and implementing your own set of rules. you don’t need the next man telling you how to do your job so stfu already. go buy a Buger King if you want to “Have it your way”.

    also mondo doesn’t control of the secondary market. mondo controls production and distribution but it’s the customers that controls the demand and secondary prices. i’m sure mondo crew has done enough research to plan out what works best within their industry.

    admin, please forward this guy’s email/ip to mondo so they can ban him from ever purchasing another poster. this guy is not only bad for business but he’s throwing allegations of fraud and manipulation without valid proof to back up his claims. shawn isn’t a fan; he’s just another victim of hype.

  70. Stunning is the right word, congrats mate on a fantastic piece. Used to love and be scared of this film at the same time when I little.

  71. Jeez, Shawn is going to publish the “Protocols of the Elders of Mondo” soon.

  72. Shawn is the poster community’s very own Glenn Beck, erratic public weeping and all.


  73. Want some cheese with that whine? I hate Glen Beck! Is the sky falling Shawn? I need to know to keep on going. Do tell. Lol!!

  74. I love how upset people get when they can’t get their prints and come up with conspiracy theories. There are more than 390 people in the world that try and collect posters from Mondo. Deal with it.

  75. […] This fantastically illustrated 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea poster is the creative work of Australian artist and illustrator Ken Taylor. Via OMG Posters! […]

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