“Heads of Fate I” Art Print by Dave Kinsey (Onsale Info)

Dave Kinsey will release a brand new art print today. “Heads of Fate I” is a 12″ x 16″ screenprint with an edition of 105. It goes up today (Tuesday, March 27th) at a random time. Visit BlkMrktGallery.com.

6 Responses to ““Heads of Fate I” Art Print by Dave Kinsey (Onsale Info)”

  1. Hot damn I love Dave’s work. Always have, most likely always will. This piece is awesome.

  2. I agree with jaiden. easy +1. Kinsey always kills it. Glad to make this my first. I like this colorway a little better than #2.

  3. one of my favorites. only wish it was bigger.

  4. @tommy: that’s what she said!

  5. this guy is sick.

  6. Love Kinsey Screenprints

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