Art Prints by Tim Lee

Tim Lee’s printer pointed me in the direction of these new art prints. They’re all limited giclees for $50 each. Visit his shop.

11 Responses to “Art Prints by Tim Lee”

  1. This stuff is oddamn fantastic.

    Just picked up an After the Flood.

    Wish I had the cash for more…

  2. Agreed! These are really cool!

  3. Yea just picked up after the flood myself! Cant wait to see it in person.

  4. Great work from a great guy! I have a couple pieces and love them!!

  5. Damn! Where has Tim been hiding. This stuff is sweet! just picked up After the Flood as well. I didn’t see any info about the artist, bio or history on the site. Anyone know anything? Tim can you fill us in?

  6. Hey Jason.
    Here is the info on Tim and his personal website.
    His facebook has bio and other information

  7. Thanks everyone for checking out my work. Jason, I’m hiding in North Carolina right now, play mandolin and paint as many pictures as I have time for. CCAD grad, many illustrations under my belt, now only doing work that appeals to me, ie. music, dead people, robots:)

  8. +1 after the flood. 30 bucks shipped? no brainer

  9. He is the older brother of Robert Methane!

  10. Marked man Mark.

  11. Thank you for you amazing artwork Tim!!! You make the Bloody Jug Band look good. To see Tim’s art on our New album, visit

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