Originals from Mondo’s Gallery Opening are Now Available Online

Mondo just put the remaining originals from their Sci-Fi opening online. Still some great pieces available (those Jacob Van Loon paintings are amazing in person). Visit the GALLERY section at Mondotees.com.

6 Responses to “Originals from Mondo’s Gallery Opening are Now Available Online”

  1. had i not recently commissioned a piece from van loon, id be buying those. that mans work is beautiful.

  2. Jacob’s work is superb.

  3. Agreed the Van Loon does some amazing work.

  4. Wish I had ther cheddar

  5. it’s not appeared on here (as yet) but I HAD to get the Ansin Brazil print off ebay, paid top whack but it’s worth every penny. If my lottery numbers come up I’m snagging that Struzan!!!

  6. good stuff. the detail is amazing.

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