Tomer Hanuka’s Melancholia Poster (Onsale Info)

Mondo will release this new Melancholia poster by Tomer Hanuka later this week. It’s a 24″ x 36″ screenprint, has two colorways (each with an edition of 120), and will cost $45. It goes up Friday, March 16th at a random time. Visit

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  1. @Rob Jones: I have a boat that I will trade for your Grammy.

  2. @dd, Oh noes not the Beanie Babie theory! *passes out*

  3. Shawn, you would fit in with the rest of the loonies right here:

  4. @Shawn

    I have an Akira poster and you don’t.
    Stop blaming everyone, it’s annoying.

  5. When the value of the U.S. dollar falls to zero mondo prints will become the U.S. currency in post-apocolyptic America. Austin will be the new capital of the United States and people will flock their in droves while avoiding the zombie hordes. Justin will be the richest man in America followed by the admin of omgposters. All Hail Mondo!

  6. All Hail Mondo !!

  7. All Hail Mondo!

  8. Man, this is so good.

    I’m scrambling for something– ANYTHING– that I can sell to Shawn.

    Out of curiosity, Shawn, how old are you? This might make the whole thing make more sense.

    Like, if you’re 8 years old or something, then I don’t really expect you to understand how a market works. The whole thing would just be kinda cute.

  9. Shawn: Yes, the a lot of labels ARE making fifteen different editions of different colored vinyl in the same shitty slipcase, and it fucking sucks. Also, they have to sell 50-100 times as many units of an album for the artists themselves to make half of what an artist is making through selling a run of 100 posters through Mondo. And the vinyl is such a small part of their revenue stream… and, and, and… apples and oranges.

    Their licensing, demand, growth of the business model etc., all hinges on their editions being lower than the numbers you re talking about. It is not as simple as “print more posters” so everyone gets one, just as a bank can’t “print more money” so everyone has enough.

  10. I have to give it to Shawn, he has a point there.

    Why it have to be between “you get none” and “you get all”?

    It would not probably do any harm to anyone if the runs would be a bit bigger. This dos not mean that it should jump from 90 to 1000 or 10000.

    Would be really cool to see what would happen if Mondo would drop some poster same way like Olly did with Pokemon. Then most who really want that one would really get it, people would not miss out cause of “calculating shipping” thing/lag, if print is ugly like Gremlins 2: The New Batch then there would not be leftovers and some people would still miss out and buy that from ebay but prices probably would not be so insulting high.

    Like that Stout Akira, well i dont have change to fly overseas for that kinda thing, but maybe for 2k$ i could have done it.
    Makes me sad, but hey grats to them who got one to sell.

    I am not collecting posters for some stash, i really want to put em on my walls. Maybe some day i run out of space and then have to think about this again but not there yet.

    I really enjoy this site, Mondo and have found some cool new artists but Mondo could try to make their thing bit more fair to people who dont live in Austin, Texas or U.S.
    And maybe some day i will also get Mondo print of an movie that i really care from Mondo’s site and not directly from Artists or Ebay.


  11. @shawn: who cares what mondo does and how much their personal collection is worth? you sound like an old man with a high blood pressure problem from all the salt you’ve been taking. this hobby isn’t a fucking race bro. enjoy the ride while it last.

    the fact of the matter is they got people in this hobby because of their creativity and vision. even if mondo is worth 100 million now, if they keep the catering to the fans we’ll still support them. you know the game’s dead when mondo starts busting out 2nd and 3rd editions. fans see through that a scheme and from my experience mondo isn’t all about the money. compare mondo and mbw and you’ll clearly see who’s shafting the fans.

    like what i said, why don’t you print your Akira on Kinkos if you’re gripping about the edition size.

  12. Posters and Toys releases second edition APs. They have been fluctuating on run sizes though. @ Shawn
    Ben E Hala Mela Me!!! Lol

  13. Since everyone else who is on this site, made a post, I feel left out.

    Missed a print and can’t get it? Hire an artist to draw something similar for you. There’s a shit-ton of talented artist out there, drop us a line.

    Just saying……

  14. Since everyone else has an opinion…in think Mondo is everything that’s wrong with Art.

    It’s a couple guys who found a niche to exploit…simple as that…but hey, cant really fault them as loving what you do is great…but a majority of their prints are photochopped collages that are handed off to master printers to pull. It’s up to the consumer to realize that most of what their buying is run of the mill, team oriented design.

    If you don’t think the early hype machine was in full effect for Mondo, you’re uneducated….every business creates supply and demand, Mondo is no different…therefor I, as an educated consumer with personal preference stay out of the Mondo Machine’s way unless one falls in my lap (like an Akira that will never be framed)

    “Shawn” is spot on….though his angst/jealousy is overshadowing his articulation of the matter.

    Some people have no problem creating a business model that exploits certain markets…I just think the Arts is an easy mark that shouldn’t be taken for a ride….but what the f*ck do I know, really?

  15. Wow, again.

    Photochopped collages that are handed off to master printers to pull, huh?

    We consider most of the artists that work with Mondo to be some of the best working today.

    If you don’t agree, well, probably good that you steer clear.

    Saying you don’t like Mondo is one thing, but don’t disrespect the artists, they are extremely underrated and are probably just as talented (if not more) than whatever you’re buying.


  16. Mondo is great – Mitch is awesome – Shawn is a nut – Kalm is Shawn – Im an insomniac – end of story!

  17. I’m not Shawn….and yes, many Mondo Artists are great…but that (semi)new movie style is scribble collage that’s put together and rearranged in Photoshop and then burned to a screen > off to master printers…there are artists on this page alone that put months of work into pulling prints themselves, no short cuts. Again, this is my personal opinion….if you like it, that’s great!

  18. Mondo releases tend to be this way…not all the artists works…

  19. I am not jealous…never said. But, think about it people. Why would an artist want to limit a print number to a small amount? That makes no sense. Why would Mondo want to keep things limited so only a small amount of people has access to it. If they printed more, more people would get their hands on a print and not pay the high secondary market price, the artist would get more money and people would know more about the artist and most likely purchase the artist’s other works, and more prints sold means more money for Mondo. So, why are they not doing these? Those people who think they know the answer, do not. The three have stated that they control the numbers printed in interviews. admin has been ignoring this by calling me “dumb.” And of course, majority of you are going to defend them even if you are blind.

    And again, admin is not saying anything about my points. That means I am correct. They do not want to fix the problem of the secondary market. They can easily keep things “limited” for you collectors by printing variants.

    As for the colored vinyl, the labels issued colored vinyl for people to purchase directly from the label. This brought in more money to the label directly…instead of money going to the retailer and distributor (that is a way of getting more people to buy their product at the retail level). Once, this caught on and the secondary market exploded, more vinyl was produced per release to lower the price on the secondary market. The labels even did the reverse, made black vinyl the rare/variant and the colored vinyl more available to the public. Mondo does not want to do this. They want to keep the demand high because they know that their personal collection will be worth 6 figures soon. Funny thing, the three do not mention anything about Tim Doyle running Mondo. So, there is a reason for everything.

    Why is the game over if they do 2nd and 3rd edtions? Looks like they are doing it with the Sideshow variants. The game would be over for you uptight collectors.

    No, I am not going to go to Kinkos and print something that has been copyrighted or licensed.

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