Two New Concert Posters by Jason Munn

Jason Munn is one of my favorite poster artists, plain and simple. He’s got two new posters up, one for Surfer Blood, one for The Atlas Sound. Both are 18″ x 24″ screenprints for $30 each. Visit

11 Responses to “Two New Concert Posters by Jason Munn”

  1. Absolutely love the Surfer Blood poster!

  2. Atlas Sound one is beautiful.

  3. These are way smart, especially the atlas sound type.

  4. Great work here

  5. Love the surfer one… Wish it was an art print vs a poster… Don’t know the band

  6. The Surfer Blood poster is insane. I love how they’re like “let’s get the fuck outta here”

  7. Agree, an art print here would be great, esp if that were formatted as a child on shoulders.

    Intelligent artist indeed!

    Look forward to seeing more work from him!

  8. Art print is definitely needed of the Surfer Blood.

  9. Ha!

  10. I think what I love most about the Surfer Blood piece is that it’s not instantly recognizable as a Jason Munn design.

    Nice work.

  11. Love it.

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