Adventures In Design Podcast – Episode 5

The newest episode of the Aventures In Design podcast just went live. It features an interview with Dan Stiles, plus appearances by James Flames and The Silent Giants. Get it at iTunes.

5 Responses to “Adventures In Design Podcast – Episode 5”

  1. i’ve been listening to these guys and even posted on their facebook and got a nasty pretentious response. they are full of shit.

  2. Please elaborate.

  3. … says the pretentious responder. Ha!

  4. No, I’m being sincere. I’d like to know what happened so that either Mark or I can apologize. We just don’t know what Bigby is referencing.

    Also, we have a bet that whomever offended you owes the other one dinner.

  5. You should tell people who are offended by the phrase “cum stain” to eff off.

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