“Heroes & Villains HD” Art Print by Doe Eyed

Looks like Doe Eyed put their awesome print for Gallery 1988’s Multiplayer 2 show up for sale. “Heroes & Villains HD” is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition of 150, and costs $30. The last ones sold out pretty quickly, so don’t wait around. Visit Doe-Eyed.com.

8 Responses to ““Heroes & Villains HD” Art Print by Doe Eyed”

  1. Thanks for the heads up. Your blog is better than titty-glitter!

  2. +1 Love this print

  3. This is absolutely one of my favorite prints to come out of G1988 in a while.

  4. damnit, shouldn’t have waited for this one

  5. I want to like it, but it’s too messy. It looks like someone ingested a bunch of NES carts and then threw up all over this paper

  6. @Michael. That’s kind of why it’s awesome, lol.

  7. These print is superb. Love the vintage appeal of one of my fave characters, Super Mario. Love.

  8. Thats weird.G 1988 still has up on site for sale. Bought it and finally hope to pick this up today along with Daniel Danger print i ordered earlier this week.

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