Daniel Danger’s ‘American Horror Story’ Poster

Gallery 1988 is currently selling this stunning American Horror Story poster by Daniel Danger. It’s a 12.25″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition of 300, and costs $35. There are some other cool TV posters for PaleyFest there as well. Visit NineteenEightyEight.com.

23 Responses to “Daniel Danger’s ‘American Horror Story’ Poster”

  1. Looks awesome. +1 Great work!

  2. This is a really nice print but that TV show is terrible.

  3. Never heard of the show, but the art is beautiful. Will matte out the text and hang it next to my Tong Mogwai.

  4. Great work Daniel, this one’s a for sure winner!

  5. know next to nothing about the show, so I’ll be passing, but that poster kicks all ass!

  6. Great poster! Really interesting show that had me hooked. Not sure how it will be come season 2 though.

  7. @Patrick I was totally hooked too! I don’t know why there’s so much hate *shrug* It’s just a spooky fun, albeit at times disturbing, show haha.

  8. thats amazing!

  9. Daniel Dangers seriously one of my very favorite poster artists out there. He always kills it!

  10. Daniel Danger: amazing artist.

    The show is on my “to see” list. Was told it was good by people I trust :)

  11. @Sonia Yeah I’ll say disturbing alright. I’m not really hyped about the next season using some of the same actors/actresses but they are playing different characters?!? odd.

  12. @Patrick: odd but awesome! I enjoyed the first season, but at the same time am totally psyched with the approach the creators are taking. television needs to take more risks, and possibly alienating any viewers who got attached to the story of the Harmons, is a bold move.

    sick poster as well of course

  13. Daniel Danger RIT Rochester NY represent!!!!! Kid is Killing it!!!!!!

  14. The poster and show are both amazing!

  15. +1 great price and local pickup option. Great work. I think lettering goes perfect with this. I don’t know much about show, heard its weird and good at the same time.

  16. @Mike I completely agree. It’s a really interesting approach to writing for TV.

  17. Amazing print but shipping to the UK $45!

  18. ooopss…$40 dollars shipping

  19. @Mike, @13 I’m with you two on it. Just curious how it will play out. I just hope they don’t change the opening theme music. I would watch that opening sequence every time, even when I DVRed and episode. Still chills me.

  20. ^ Agreed!

  21. ^ Agreed!

  22. That shipping to the UK cost more than what I payed to go pick it up myself. Sorry :(

  23. @Patrick I was kind of bummed about the change of characters too :( Hopefully it just means that the storylines will always stay fresh! I did get attached to the Harmons though…

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