Ken Taylor’s Drive Poster (Artist Copies Onsale Info)

Ken Taylor will sell a small handful of artist copies of his Drive poster on Monday. It’s 24″ x 36″, has an A/P edition of 50, and will cost $125. These go up Monday, March 5th in the early afternoon (Central Time). Visit

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  1. I didn’t try to get these at Mondo when they went up since I hadn’t seen the movie, but now that I have, I do want it. The price seems a bit high, but it’s still lower than ebay prices, which I guess is the point.

  2. Too rich for my blood. I too was hoping for a price closer to Mondo’s but get why it isn’t. 2 Drive posters will have to be enough. Unless there are any scratch & dent offerings at that new Mondo gallery opening next weekend…

  3. the price isnt bad consiedering theyre selling on eBay for upwards of $300. So if you want one nows going to be the chance.

  4. Thought it was a great movie till the end. Pretty much what you would expect.

  5. Loved the movie, dig the print.

  6. $125? That’s a steal. Great ,movie. Great poster.

    I’m throwing my hat into the ring. Best of luck, friends.

  7. it would be sweet if they were signed… not gonna be the case I assume because Ken lives down under…
    I’m going for it because my Mondo one came a little scuffed up.

  8. @ PosterChris Sad to hear your poster arrived scuffed up from mondo. This kind of thing sounds more and more common. They need some quality control or something. Now you’re probably gonna get rid of yours on eBay. oh well.

  9. goddamn – i missed it again. somehow I skipped the note regarding CET. thats too bad 🙁

  10. reach out to them about your damaged print, sounds like they have been good about taking care of those types of problems.

  11. @Zeke, they haven’t gone on sale yet..

  12. Occasional oversell or not, P&T is by far my preferred site for attempting to purchase artist copies. By far by far.

  13. These were gone in like 10 seconds, I tried and failed if anyone wants to sell hit me up

  14. Why wouldn’t these go up while I was in the bathroom

  15. Yeah I def finished the order within 30 secs. Refund fail

  16. WTF? It said “sold out” when I checked the site at around noon (CET time)… so I failed twice… me and mondo prints – it ain’t gonna happen…

  17. This is why they should just tell us exactly when the drop is. Fuck the vultures that sell these in the after market! This is all they do. F5 all day. Some of us work or simply want to collect. We don’t want to resell. Please give us a chance to buy these. RandOm drops just dont work for us honest people.

  18. There were several refunds issued from the oversell–and that was at a random time. If it had been an announced time, there would have been even more people disappointed at getting refunded. The system can’t handle the traffic that comes when you announce a specific time for limited numbers of a very highly desired print.

    As for the random time, it was announced as going up early afternoon. It ended up dropping about 12:15. Nobody had to refresh the site for more than fifteen minutes after noon. This was not the all-day F5 event that we had to sit through waiting for the BTTF copies from PCC on Saturday.

    Unfortunately, there just weren’t enough copies to go around today.

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