Back To The Future Trilogy Posters by Phantom City Creative (Onsale Info)

Mondo will release this trio of Back To The Future posters by Phantom City Creative tomorrow. The set includes three 18″ x 24″ screenprints, has an edition of 420, and costs $88/set. There is also a combined version (16″ x 36″) with an edition of 115 for $120. These go up tomorrow (Friday, March 2nd) at a random time. Visit

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  1. These just aren’t doing it for me

  2. When I saw the email from Mondo reading “Back to the Future,” an intense chill went down my spine. Then I opened the email and looked at the posters and was overcome with disappointment. Shame, hopefully there’ll be others, these are some of my favorite movies, but these posters are devoid of creativity.

    Just my opinion, nobody has to agree.

  3. Yep, not that I could do better, but these blow.

  4. Well, I love the set and I think they’ll look great framed up together. I hope that I’ll have good luck tomorrow trying to order these.

  5. @dylandsdad: I think you meant to say you hope you’ll have good luck tomorrow trying to FLIP these.

  6. @kelly, that could not be more wrong regarding DD.

    I also like these prints and will look good as a set. I like there are 18 x 24.

  7. Yes, these will be going on my wall when they arrive. I would be happy to post a picture of them framed together when the time comes.

    I am really running out of wall space and if these were all 24×36, it might have been a challenge. I think I can squeeze them in at 18×24.

  8. How much do you think these prints will flip for?

  9. My bad, DD…it just seems like the people who are trying to talk up prints are just trying to hype them up for resale. I forget that there are sometimes people who actually like them and will frame them.

  10. @kelly: I know how you feel, and competition with flippers seems to be an inevitable part of the hobby. But some of us do frame stuff! Check out my photos of the Mondo Star Wars series in my office:

  11. @DD F’N awesome wall. You must happy every time you step into your office. We do have some of the same taste in frames. The DD and Tatooine are exactly the same. Dagobah…I have it matted in purple.

  12. @DD very nice collection.

  13. They got the tires AND the wheel wrong on the 3rd poster — no whitewalls and no chrome hubcap. Pretty unforgivable screw-up based upon the overall concept.

  14. @DD I want to live in that room forever!

  15. Sir, you are welcome to visit any time.

  16. Incredible!!!

  17. @dylansdad

    and I thought I had disposable income

  18. PCC are doing a great job.

    People need to stop crying about Stout.

  19. ^ I mean in general. Not necessarily people posting here.

  20. @dylansdad: sorry but i hate you, that room is really cool. grats!

  21. ZZ Top on BTTF 3 poster?….looks like them…rad

  22. Getting a print from Mondo is like winning a lottery.
    I couldn’t even load the site before they were sold out- I assume because of too much traffic.

  23. +1 on the regular edition

  24. +1 reg.

  25. 6 prints that were listed at $199.00 on Ebay have already sold out.

  26. I have Kill List and some money if anyone wants to deal for the regular set

  27. Not doing it for me. These movies have the absolute best typefaces for the titles… to see them changed is a bummer to my nostalgia.

  28. some poor shlep bought a set for 600$ on the Bay. DD? Just kidding…

  29. can you guys call dylandad something other than DD, its throwing me off.

  30. ddd?

  31. EB says someone paid $999 for a set…WTF?

  32. Hopefully Mondo doesn’t start to say, “Screw our website, let’s just do this release on The Bay!” Ha ha!

  33. All, I bought one of the 3 sets, but looking it over multiple times i am just not happy with the work. The thought of Back to the Future blinded me. If anyone is interested in taking it off my hands let me know. As a shock i just want what i paid, $103 plus whatever it cost to ship, unless you live in the Chicagoland area. Just reply to this post. Mondo is refusing a return because of all the Flippers.

  34. @Mike
    You can flip it on Ebay for a nice profit.

  35. @Mike I am interested I am not a flipper and really wanted this for my wall, and seeing as I just missed out on Drive again, this would be a nice consolation prize. I live in Indy for shipping purposes let me know.

  36. @Kyle
    Immediate flipping totally kills the hobby, morals won’t let me do it.

    Now that I think a little deeper, not sure how we are going to get the monetary part taken care of. Do you have any friends in Chicago that could handle it for you or ever come up? e-mail me at if you have any ideas.

  37. @ MikeI definitely want them and will contact you after I finish track practice. Thanks

  38. I’m surprised these are flipping for some much really. I get that the name alone adds some value, but not that much in this case. Especially when there are so many on ebay, and there are almost certainly going to be more BttF themed posters in the future.

    And flipping is not killing the hobby. It’s a symptom of the growth of poster collection far outgrowing the unchanged low release edition counts. Comic book, magic type card game, and toy collectors have been dealing with this for god knows how long, and yet those hobbies have survived.

  39. It’s getting harder and harder to score prints.. saying that, they seem to be geting better and better so al credit to mondo!

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