Megabolt X The Bungaloo X CHAP = An Amazing Children’s Charity Print (Onsale Info)

Sometimes this little art scene we have can make me feel really good (if you’re in need of a smile today, just watch the video below). Megabolt teamed up with John Vogl (aka The Bungaloo) to create a great one-color screenprint. After that, they sat down with some awesome kids from CHAP (Children’s Healing Art Project) who colored the prints. The result is an edition of 50 completely unique pieces. It’s 19″ x 25″ and will cost $30 (plus you get a sketchbook with Vogl’s design). Proceeds will fund future charitable endeavors like this one. It goes up today (Monday, February 27th) at 9am Central Time. Visit Megabolt.

Megabolt / The Bungaloo / CHAP from Steven Kasprzyk on Vimeo.

9 Responses to “Megabolt X The Bungaloo X CHAP = An Amazing Children’s Charity Print (Onsale Info)”

  1. Wow…

  2. I LOVE this idea!!!

  3. Thank you, Mitch.

  4. love the idea… Bummed I just told my wife she needs to stop buying unnecessary stuff… I think I might have to follow that rule too

  5. Right on! Big high five and sloppy kisses for this one Mr Vogl. Love it.

  6. What an amazing idea, love it.

  7. Now this is nice…I would love to pick one up and support these kids.

  8. +1…..what a wonderful project

  9. We need more people like you. I’ve always believed art is a way for everyone to express themselves. Bravo!!!

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