“A President’s Tale” Art Print by LifeVersa (Onsale Info)

LifeVersa will release the first print in his “Grey Makes A Wonderful Backdrop” series later this week. “A President’s Tale” is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition of 50, and will cost $50. The variant has an edition of 25 and will cost $65. You’ll also have the opportunity to pre-purchase the series of five prints. The sets will be available HERE on Thursday, February 23rd at a random time, the single prints will come Thursday, March 1st at a random time. Visit LifeVersa.com.

20 Responses to ““A President’s Tale” Art Print by LifeVersa (Onsale Info)”

  1. Pinocchio and Donald Duck mutated together? Is this supposed to symbolize our President? I don’t think so. Doesn’t look right either. Our president is a much better candidate than any of those teabaggers republicans. IMO. What the hell? I must be missing something here.

  2. i don’t get it either. symbolism aside (whatever it may be), it just doesn’t look good. I own a few of his prints and he can do better than this.

  3. I swear the only artist out right now not afraid to piss off and make people uncomfortable. and I love it.

  4. This is really terrible

  5. huh. Yeah, does nothing for me. I also have a few of his prints in the flat file.

  6. I don’t get the symbolism either but if he’s making fun of the president then I’m all for it. Let’s vote this pres out of office in November.
    I like the fact that he seems to be a conservative artist or if not conservative then at least not blind, which is a rarity these days, in a vast endless ocean of liberal artists who are not afraid to spew their ideologies on us such as Shepard Fairy and the Steady Print Shop.
    Don’t get your panties in a wad you libs because most art is slanted towards the left. Kudos to you Lifeversa!

  7. The symbolism: The President is a quack and a liar. It goes for all the other Presidents…not just Obama.

  8. From the man himself:

    “Not a prob. My inspiration for the piece goes back years ago after reading When Presidents Lie: A History of Official Deception and Its Consequences by Eric Alterman, so its not just a knock on our current prez. What I found most troubling from the book is the degree to which lying infects large parts of the exec branch. Once the president lies, those around him begin to lie as well, and dishonesty spreads like a cancer. One trembles to contemplate the lesson of the Bush administrations motto: Admit nothing, even when caught, continue to lie, even after the lie has been exposed; define anyone who questions the lie as an enemy of the nation or of the troops. Anyways, its a really good book lol.”

  9. I guess he’s referring to Clinton lying about getting Blow Jobs and Obama lying about cutting the federal deficit in half. Now we have 5 trillion more dollars in debt then we did in the beginning of 2009.

  10. Please keep your shitty political opinions to yourselves. This is a site to showcase art, not debate policies and spout uninformed team-speak.

    That said, this doesn’t do anything for me. I got his “don’t drink the water” poster and love it, but I have yet to be equally impressed with the more recent stuff.

  11. @Coe – If the art is political then isn’t that what the art itself is encouraging – opinions and discussions?

    I’m ready to read your shitty opinions.

  12. Kyle – Fortunately for you, this isn’t a political discussion or debate forum. The art may encourage discussion, but this isn’t forum; it’s a blog, and these are but comments. I’ll gladly share my opinions (with citations) if you’d care to email back and forth. Otherwise, how bout you keep it on Facebook where people can “Ignore” you.

  13. There hasn’t been a single print from LifeVersa worth printing. Their cut and paste unoriginality makes Shepherd Fairey look like fucking Rembrandt

  14. @Michael, you are the truth. However, I am beginning to see Lifeversa as a positive force in the world. His work brings out a lot of really dumb people from the woodwork, and I always felt like they didn’t get out enough.

  15. @ Ryan You must be a pale teabagger from the middle of nowhere America. Do you blame all of our problems on our current president? Wait a minute, you are too bright for that. You must get out alot. all tanned and stuff 🙂

  16. Umm…

  17. @ Ryan…keep the faith and ignore the shitheads.

  18. @Kyle and I guess he is also referring to “Mission Accomplished” and “WMDs in Iraq” and Hussein supported Osama and all those thousands of Americans who died because of two false wars.

  19. I can’t believe you people got this cancelled! Especially since it seems 99% of you don’t understand what he was going for. I don’t know where you get that he is ‘obviously’ of conservative values when he is obviously much more of a free thinker with more anarchic values outside of the left vs. right norm (I mean the dude quoted Noam Chomsky ffs, you’d have to be the worst conservative in the world to confuse Noam Chomsky with conservative values).
    This isn’t a partisan con vs. dems piece but a commentary on every president we have ever had or will have. Pinocchio is a puppet who lies and nothing donald duck says makes sense.

    Come on people…Death threats? You’d think he drew a picture of Mohammad.

  20. Not to be confused with the Ben above me…I am an entirely other Ben…I don’t get the controversy for this print either. What about this piece sparks enough animosity to write hate mails to the artist – much less death threats? We’ve all seen much more controversial prints than this haven’t we? If this print enrages you to the point where you must threaten death upon the creator you most likely need medication.

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