Two New Prints by James Flames (Onsale Info)

James Flames will release new prints from two recent group shows tomorrow. His Zelda-inspired print, “It’s Dangerous To Go Alone, Take This”, is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition of 120, and will cost $30. “Brutal Masters”, inspired by Metalocalypse, is an 18″ x 18″ screenprint, has an edition of 75, and will cost $30. These go up tomorrow (Wednesday, February 15th) at 12pm Eastern Time. Visit

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  1. these are great! i’d love to do a dethklok design.

  2. Great stuff, James

  3. I’m planning on going for the Zelda one!

  4. Man that Zelda print looks like something outta Nintendo Power…most excellent

  5. I personally freakin love that Zelda print! That was my shit back in the day! Very well executed. On a side note based off of the SW print thread the other day, if Nintendo didn’t OK this, do some of you consider this a bootleg?

  6. Fuck Nintendo. An artist can be inspired to do whatever the fuck they want. Dude made a screenprint, not a fucking videogame. In sum – fuck nintendo.


  7. @Delta, well put. Subtle too. I agree, for the most part, but what I was referencing was a post from the other day where an artist made posters representing Star Wars characters and a few people (who I’m sure have busy fulfilling lives) were saying that if an artist represents another persons characters without specific consent, that they were bootlegging, and that made them less cool, I guess. I was posing the question to those same critics.

  8. That’s the thing, though…gentlemen. George Lucas or Nintendo don’t give two shits if someone makes artwork/screenprints/whatever off of their characters, I’m quite sure they’d encourage it. But making artwork and MAKING MONEY OFF ARTWORK are two entirely different things and I believe these entities, as big as they may be, have every right to protect their intellectual property.

  9. Agreed. So, fan artists, from now on, give posters away for free. (and charge $40 s/h)

  10. Well that seemed to sell out within seconds. That sucks.

  11. @wafflezombie

    aaaaaaaand now they’re all on ebay, thanks omg posters for giving the flippers a heads up.

  12. yep, had it in my cart. by the time I loaded it was sold out. se la vie.

  13. Thanks so much to everyone for all the love on these prints! You guys are the best. The Zelda sell out was faster than anything I could have expected. Crazy stuff.

  14. You deserved it sir. Amazing print.

  15. @commandotk

    LoL riiiight… because as we know, if it weren’t for OMG Posters! flippers would have no where else to find this info. Idiot. Or maybe you’re genuinely thanking OMGP! since you’re a flipper.

  16. That Zelda print is epic James Flames. Best of the 1988 exhibit in my opinion. Fantastic work and glad I was able to pick one up today.

    The Metalocalpyse print is also amazing. Surprised that one isnt’ sold out too. Glad I got both. Great work.

  17. “aaaaaaaand now they’re all on ebay, thanks omg posters for giving the flippers a heads up”

    Really?…….I mean really? Check your entitlement at the door. Omg/Mitch/etc. do more for the community then you could even begin to fathom. But I remember my first time buying a poster to.

  18. Seriously. I’m on a couple of artist/gallery mailing lists, but I don’t spend days scouring the web or EB or whatever for new prints or drop times. I saw this print in the G1988 website, but missed out, and if it wasn’t for OMGPosters, I wouldn’t have known about the artist’s drop. It gave me an opportunity to try for the poster, and that’s all I ask. I didn’t get. It’s an amazing looking print, and I wish I got it. But I didn’t, and c’est la vie. That rather tame post of mine above contains all the complaining that I was going to do.

    As a casual collector, I can’t thank Mitch enough for running this site. It’s introduced me to so many great artists and art shows.

  19. seriously this site is awesome, i don’t even remember how i came across it so many years ago. and this zelda print is amazing

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