“Northline Hitch” Twelve Color Screenprint by Brin Levinson

Serigraphic Systems just released this cool art print by Brin Levinson. “Northline Hitch” is an 18″ x 24″ twelve color screenprint, has an edition of 100, and can be had for a very affordable $40. Visit Serigraphic Systems.

6 Responses to ““Northline Hitch” Twelve Color Screenprint by Brin Levinson”

  1. This guy has skill. What city is that in the background? I have a print of his that is kick ass. Great work.

  2. amazing art, amazing printing. $40 is a steal for any 12 color screenprint, especially one of this quality.

  3. The detail pics have me a bit nervous. Love the image and the JPEG, but in the pics of the actual print the blue seems very harsh and the fade seems pretty bad.


  4. Agree with Josh on those detail shots. May still grab one though since it’s $40. These aren’t on sale until the 23rd.

  5. for what its worth, thats an index color print, so im going to assume that fade is actually part of the painting, not a split fountain.

  6. His artifact print i got has the grain look to it; with lots of detail. From the look of the link posted above, if you look closely at the table the print is laying on, is not that clear either. i think the quality of the picture link posted above was poor, and the print is great.

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