The Walking Dead Posters by Danny Miller

Danny Miller was asked by Greg Nicotero to create some prints for the AMC hit, The Walking Dead. These are 14″ x 30″ screenprints, have editions of 400, and cost $40 each. Head over to

Click the image to see the set larger:

6 Responses to “The Walking Dead Posters by Danny Miller”

  1. These look pretty awesome. There’s also a metallic variant available, limited to 75 for $70, which isn’t bad! Only 2 of those left

  2. Very nice prints!

  3. I showed them to my wife last night before the new episode was on and her response was “you will never hang a zombie print on our walls”, which seemed like a challenge to me.

    So I ordered the full variant set.

  4. I was going to purchase these, but now I have read about the lawsuit involving Kirkman and Moore…no way am I supporting greed.

  5. This are so freaking sick in person. 4 metallic layers on the variants. The detail is insane.

  6. natas, what on earth does that lawsuit have to do with these prints at all?

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