New Postcards and an Art Print by Jay Ryan

Jay Ryan’s postcard sets are always incredibly popular. They’re all 4″ x 6″ screenprints, so really, they’re more like mini art prints. You can score the new set (12 cards total) for only $15 shipped, get the ordering info HERE. He also made a larger print out of one of the images. “Let’s Tape” is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition of 150, and costs $20. Visit

7 Responses to “New Postcards and an Art Print by Jay Ryan”

  1. These are awesome, and kind of read like “advice for life”. Grabbed 2 sets, as my removalists lost all of my earlier postcard sets.

  2. I squeal every time a new Jay Ryan piece drops. Somehow Jay’s able to perfectly capture pretty much any emotion with a few well placed lines and some fur. Dude’s a national treasure.

  3. Missed out on the last two sets but these were an easy pick up. Love the musical influence in these and the size makes them great to litter around a house.

  4. I got my first set last year, and I’m so excited to get another. These are great.

  5. As usual, IJ hits the proverbial nail on its pointy and proverbial little head. Jay’s reductive style and sense of humor (not to mention his sick printing chops) are all aces in my book. And with this awesome postcard set you get a coupla poop jokes, free of charge! I mean, who doesn’t love poop jokes?

  6. Love these, Jay is the best…

  7. Ha! When I wrote “Jay’s reductive style” of course I meant Jay Ryan, not Jay Shaw. Although I like his style too.

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