Star Wars Posters by Christopher Lee

I’ve always been a big fan of Christopher Lee’s work, so I got a good kick out of these Star Wars posters he just completed. They’re 16″ x 20″ giclees for $35 each. Check out

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  1. Are these licensed ? They look like more fan phart

  2. I really like these but there are a few things from preventing my purchase:

    1. Why print as giclee? These should be sold as a set for under $100 and screenprinted.
    2. Open edition? That ruins the allure of these prints tenfold.

    Just my two cents.

  3. i dig, wish they were not open editions

  4. Dangit!!! Already sold out.

  5. i was way more excited about this when i though these were by the OTHER christopher lee.

    still awesome prints!

  6. Yeah, in the “A New Hope” print, Jek Porkins is front and center.

  7. Why would you promote bootleg/fan art?

  8. how do you sell out an open edition? i guess i should have jumped when i had the chance

  9. @Kyle – How is it already sold out? It’s an open edition or am I missing a joke here?

  10. @Eric

    Go to the store and you’ll see. When I went to buy the prints it stated that they have been sold out.

  11. well, he is using bigcartel as a store. Probably only put so many up at a time as I think the store charges by how many items you can list at a time

  12. Do you think he’ll put more up for sale since it’s an open edition? Is this a stupd question?

  13. Aww, jimbo, do you make pretty pictures but nobody likes YOURS?

  14. “sold out” probably means “immediately got a C&D”, which happened to this other dude selling boot posters recently, and a few others before him. if slashfilm covers it, lucaslawyers are on it, and have every right to be.

  15. @Kyle Seems to be working now…

  16. As a curious observer, why are these considered bootleg? Because the actual movie info is at the bottom? We all love Ansin’s “A Wretched Hive” and all the Ken Taylor “Bounty Hunters”, etc. So why are these different? For that matter, why is ANYthing Alamo does not considered bootleg? I ain’t hatin, I’m just honestly curious what the perceived distinction is…

  17. Ryan, Alamo received permission from Lucas, which from the comments they made was a very time consuming process.

  18. Side note these are pretty funny though.

  19. mondo does official series with studios and/or pays licensing fees to the copyright holders, everything is approved by the studios and is done on the up and up. the above mentioned ansin and taylor prints were official, whereas the first time lucas knew about this was when they saw them being sold. thus, official vs bootleg.

  20. Which means if you want these snap ’em up quick!

  21. Hey Ryan, eat poo. Bootleggers are bad for everyone. Noobs need to stop supporting them. I don’t make anything, I just sit back and judge dumb folk.

  22. Hey now, Jimbo! Don’t be tellin’ Ryan to eat poo – he seems genuinely interested in what’s goings on here. Don’t be a big ol’ meany!

  23. dude has them up for sale again. said he had wrong settings on the store set up that said sold out but it is open edition, or at least until the C&D comes.

  24. ROTJ looks the best to me, though I consider it the worst of the three movies.. Pretty amusing prints, but I’m not sure if I’d display them on my walls

  25. Also jimbo, maybe you should look at his site.

    Check out his clients, you might find one of interest:

    Coke Canada
    Computer Arts Projects
    Cuties Clementine Oranges
    Disney Consumer Products
    Honda ATV
    Honda Canada
    Hyphen Magazine
    Nike ACG
    Oregon Coast Aquarium
    Upper Playground
    Virgin Group

  26. Jimbo, I guess I just assumed that if someone had the balls to make official Star Wars posters, they must be at least partially official. If not, no complaining or ranting needed, he’ll get spoken to by someone. That’s the beauty of Lucasfilm.

  27. don’t see how you can call these artists “bootleggers” as they aren’t copying anything. yes i believe in the rights of lucasfilm and selling these without their consent is wrong but it doesn’t mean they are bootleggers. a concept is being used with an artist putting their spin and style to it. what i call bootleg is when olly moss’s star wars set was recreated exactly like the original and was being sold as “original”. thats bootlegging.

  28. The last thing I need is to get into this “bootleg” and movie poster argument yet again.

    Have fun. If you like it buy it, I guess. Kinda like Andrew Zimmern, “if it looks good, eat it.”


  29. Sorry couldn’t let it go. Check the last line. BOOTLEG.

    his is my little tribute to the original trilogy. I’ve always wanted to prints commemorating each of these iconic movies and I finally buckled down and did them. This is the first project I’ve rendered entirely in Photoshop. No vectors were used (with the exception of the logo artwork). What you see here is 150 hours of hand-drawn, and hand-colored work. I’m really excited to finally be able to share these with everyone. It’s been a long couple weeks haha.

    Prints are available in my store.

  30. Almost reminds me of Schoolhouse Rock.

  31. I kinda like these, and snagged the ROTJ one – I agree with the other previous poster who likes the ROTJ best. It’s nice to see a lighthearted take on the classic SW movies.

    I get the arguments on both sides of the bootleg debate. I’m happy to have a shot at some cool fan art even though it’s not “worth” anything on a couple of counts – a bootleg and an open edition, ahem, to boot.

    As a SW fan, and a guy who paid a lot to give himself a housewarming present of Ken Taylor’s bounty hunter set off of eBay (never again), and who shares everyone else’s frustration with the big name drops (mondo, anything Tyler Stout, etc.) it’s refreshing to just get a cheap piece of cool art of something you love.

  32. Chris did this really cute shirt for Upper Playground a while back. It had Leatherface, Freddy Krueger and Jason Vorhees playing jumprope. I always wanted to get that in kid size so my son could wear it to kindergarten.

    These are fun posters.

  33. Really dig these prints! Can’t wait to see more from this artist. I’ve got to agree with several folks here, his ROTJ poster is my favorite of the bunch.

  34. Don’t know why my comment got taken down before. I just want to reiterate that as much as I love the super limited, hard to get, licensed Mondo stuff, I do really like some of the unofficial fan art out there. It’s better and more desirable when it is limited edition, but if you are into collecting for the artwork and not the monetary value of pieces (like all the flippers out there), then these posters should be right up your alley. Whoever said that they will C&D’d is right, and it will be sad when it happens. Once again, one of my favorite pieces is Kevin Howdeshell’s Captain America, and it is an open, unofficial fan art piece.

  35. As predicted, looks like Lucas Arts made the call.

  36. I’ve only had a few business law classes, but these look like parodies to me and should be perfectly fine. But I doubt the artist has the money to fight it either way.

  37. He used the names of the movies. that’s the no no.

  38. And in all actuality, the work is still up, so much for that theory.

    I’d also just want to say, damn! He creates some solid work. Diggin it….

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