New Art Prints by Steady Print Shop

Minneapolis’ Steady Print Shop released a number of new art prints for Valentine’s Day. Everything is screenprint, limited, and very affordable. Check out Steady Print Shop.

6 Responses to “New Art Prints by Steady Print Shop”

  1. these is cool, especially that deuce heart.

  2. Horrible prints

  3. Nice work. The typography is particularly appealing and well-done.

  4. Yeah, that deuce heart is nice!

  5. Bought the 2 of Hearts and the Love Whoever prints — I picked up both for under $40 shipped. Completely worth it, and the message is great! (The 2 of Hearts was made to “support the campaign against the proposed Minnesota Marriage Amendment to bar same sex couples from ever marrying,” which I can totally get behind.) 🙂

  6. Horrible prints? I think you need to take a shower because you obviously have some shit smeared in your eyes.

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