Giveaway: Win One of Daniel Danger’s “The Woman In Black” Posters (Plus Onsale Info)

Readers, today is your lucky day. I’ll be giving away THREE copies of Daniel Danger’s new poster for “The Woman In Black” (a 24″ x 36″ screenprint with an edition of 200). To enter, simply comment on this post. Please only comment once, I will be checking, and you will not win if multiple entries are found. If you don’t see your comment right away, please be patient, it is likely awaiting moderation. The winners will be announced in approximately 24 hours (sometime Friday morning). If you don’t win, no worries, Daniel will be selling his copies tomorrow (Friday, February 3rd) at 2pm Eastern Time for $60 each. Those will go up at

UPDATE: Using the Random Number Generator at, the lucky numbers were determined to be 612, 665, and 811. Congratulations Bob, Lindsey, and Mikaela, you’ve been contacted. Thanks so much for entering, and don’t forget about Daniel’s sale today. Cheers!

Click the image to see it larger:

893 Responses to “Giveaway: Win One of Daniel Danger’s “The Woman In Black” Posters (Plus Onsale Info)”

  1. *crosses fingers* Awesome print, awesome prize.

  2. Looks great, might be one of my favourites from Danger.

  3. Nice work. Thanks

  4. Looks lovely. Can’t wait!

  5. I’m in!

  6. GREAT print. Thanks for this contest.

  7. Good deal.

  8. Awesome poster! Lover Danger’s work

  9. Great job, thanks!

  10. Lets go number whatever I am!

  11. Love me some Daniel Danger.

  12. One (more) time!

  13. Here we go!

  14. Yes please. Thanks mitch!

  15. Everything crossed!

  16. Haven’t seen the film yet. I really hope it doesn’t suck ‘cos I’d love to have this on my wall

  17. Me me me!

  18. Thank you for the giveaway, Mitch. Here’s hoping the film is as good as this poster…

  19. ill have a go, im liking the print

  20. Awesome Radical x

  21. Hope I’m a winner

  22. Gorgeous detailed print

  23. Thanks for the giveaway!

  24. can’t wait for the film. the poster looks amazing too.

  25. Here we go!

  26. I’m in. Thanks for giveaway!

  27. Nice print … thanks Daniel and Mitch!

  28. thanks

  29. You can pick your nose and you can pick a winner

    hope you pick this booger


  30. cheers :)

  31. Nice! Fingers crossed :)

  32. Thanks to Daniel and Mitch.

  33. Thanks for all you do for us ink on paper nerds

  34. I rather astonishingly do not yet own a Dan Danger print. I also have never won a print giveaway. C’mon lady luck!


  35. Fingers crossed! Would top of a great week 😀

  36. Great giveaway. Thanks!

  37. awesome!

  38. <3 omgposters

  39. Nice … Thanks

  40. Incredible work as usual. Love it!

  41. Another great one by DD.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  42. Count me in!

  43. DD for me please!

  44. ♫Here come the women in black♫

  45. Oh what a grand offer, please put me in the running.

  46. Superb artistry, gotta love a creepy dark Danger. Kudos

  47. Great giveaway, thanks!

  48. YES!

  49. I LOVE this and NEED it in my life! It would also be a wonderful treat for my birthday in a fortnight. x

  50. Double D is back w/ “The Woman in Black”!

  51. Nice Mitch . Thanks for the chance.

  52. I love OMG Posters :PPP

  53. Great poster.

  54. yes please!! :)

  55. IN IN IN….movie looks pretty creepy

  56. Woho! Great poster and a great competition!

  57. I wannnt. Thanks for the giveaway mr.omg

  58. yes.

  59. Nice one OMG

  60. This print is amazing! I can’t wait to see the movie too :)

  61. Great contest! The print is amazing. Hoping the movie is just as good.

  62. man i hope i win !!

  63. great job Daniel! Hope I win one.

  64. I Want! :-)

  65. shrim

  66. OMG! Thanks for the opportunity! Love this poster! Danger is on a roll.

  67. Very cool

  68. Such a cool print. he gets better and better.

  69. Daniel when I first saw you
    I knew that you had a flame in your heart
    And under our blue skies
    Marble movie skies
    I found a home in your eyes
    We’ll never be apart

    And when the fires came
    The smell of cinders and rain
    Perfumed almost everything
    We laughed and laughed and laughed

    And in the golden blue
    Crying took me to
    The darkest place she knew
    And set fire to my heart

    When I run in the dark, Daniel
    To a place that’s lost
    Under a sheet of rain in my heart
    Daniel I dream of home

    But in a goodbye bed
    With my arms around your neck
    Into our love the tears crept
    Just catch in the eye of the storm

    And as my heart ran round
    My dreams pulled me from the ground
    Forever to search for the flame
    For home again
    For home again

    When I run in the dark, Daniel
    To a place that’s lost
    Under a sheet of rain in my heart
    I dream of home

    When I run in the dark, Daniel
    To a place that’s worst
    Under a sheet of rain in my heart
    Daniel I dream of home

  70. can I has poster? Plleeeaase? Seriously bad ass though, really diggin on it.

  71. Awesome print!

  72. Great work. Great mood. Yes please.

  73. once

  74. One Love

  75. Thanks for another giveaway opportunity Mitch!

  76. Yes, one piece please… ;o)

    OMG – every day…

  77. I managed to get the two LOST prints he did in their final season and am constantly enamoured by the intricacy of the images.

  78. DANGER! I want!

  79. Another great Daniel Danger print. This is awesome!

  80. in for 1, good luck all 😉

  81. This is a comment. Nice print! Please choose me 😀

  82. in!

  83. Big money, big money, big money, NO WHAMMIES!…

  84. Movie and poster look good

  85. I won!! (or did I!)

  86. Appreciate the giveaway…great poster for an intriguing movie

  87. word?

  88. Fluffhead! GO PATRIOTS!

  89. Fingers crossed! :)

  90. Thanks for the giveaway. Been a while since I’ve seen a DD print in person.

  91. Hope I win. Looks cool.

  92. Killer print! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  93. give it to me

  94. Huzzah!!!

  95. Generic post alert! WANT! Seriously I do, the movie looks awesome.

  96. Thanks

  97. Pick me!

  98. Excellent print. Fan of the site. Keep up the great work!

  99. Here goes nothing…

  100. Beautiful poster. Thanks for the giveaway!

  101. Thank you so much for the awesome giveaway!

  102. hoping…

  103. I love the print and hope to win a copy;Thank you;Mark P.

  104. Looks nice. Thanks!

  105. please please please!

  106. Would love this print on my office wall.

  107. Thanks for the giveaway and good luck to all!

  108. …and this is my post hoping to win today so I don’t have to curse my slow internet connection tomorrow when the resellers buy up all the prints before I can get one for my collection…

  109. Fingers Crossed. :)

  110. Sweet! Love your work…

  111. Danger…Danger….Danger…

  112. whoo. im in.

  113. WOW! Danger hit it out of the park!

  114. WOW! Danger hit it out of the park!

  115. “Good news everyone! Daniel Danger is giving away free prints!”

  116. Wow wow wee wa.

  117. I really want to see this movie but I’m pretty sure it will scare the bejesus out of me…

  118. in

  119. No, I am Spartacus!!

  120. why not

  121. Very cool poster DD!

  122. Cool! Man awesome print, love you guys!

  123. Wow you don’t fint alot of nice people doing amazing stuff like this. Love the poster and the site.

  124. This print is MADNESS!!

  125. Please, reward me for making this page part of my work day.

  126. This. Yup. Thanks.

  127. This would be an awesome addition!! Thanks for the opportunity.

  128. Love these contests, keep up the great job OMG Posters :)

  129. Eeerie print, it’s awesome!

  130. Thanks!

  131. Looks great. Crossing my fingers.

  132. Oh, pretty please.

  133. Pick me!

  134. Love the mood of these blue prints. Hope I win….I’ve bought too many posters this month already!

  135. This posters amazing. Another knock-out by Daniel. Can’t wait to see the film. Thanks Mitch!

  136. boy howdy

  137. Count me in!

  138. Very cool contest, thank you :)

  139. So hope that I win. Thanks!!!

  140. awesome

  141. So cool! Hope I win!

  142. Here’s hoping. Many thanks for the opportunity!

  143. I like stuff!

  144. Count me in. Thanks

  145. love this!

  146. In for this

  147. i will be so blue if i win.

  148. Stunning.

  149. It’s a pretty rad poster. I am actually really looking forward to seeing the first REAL Hammer Film in a rrrrrrrreally long time. The poster captures that. sweeeet!

  150. She might have been easier to see had she been wearing white…

  151. I like posters.

  152. If it’s free, it IS for me!
    Thanks for doing this,

  153. …amazing! thanks much for the chance!

  154. woo hoo!

    OMG Posters RULES

  155. Pick me, pick me!

  156. count me in for sure

  157. how do i get my gf to watch this movie? i hope i get this so i can scare her whenever she sees he poster. haha.

  158. very cool, thanks for the giveaway!

  159. *fingers crossed* i love this print!

  160. Thanks for the chance.

  161. Hope to win this beautifully creepy print! *Can’t wait to see the movie between my fingers*

  162. 55? 😉

  163. Here goes nothin’

  164. Today is the Day.

  165. im in. thanks!

  166. I’m crossing my fingers I win! This print is amazing, and it would be my first Daniel Danger! But of course not my last!

  167. so i says to mabel, i says.

  168. nice print, that movie looks scary. A perfect fit for dd

  169. What a great looking print. His work is definitely exceptional. Thanks for the opportunity.

  170. Yes please! Thank you for the giveaway.

  171. Please, please.

  172. Thanks for giving me a shot coach!

  173. Thanks Mitch!

  174. first and only comment on this post

  175. in it to win it!

  176. it’s not letting me comment so i hope this isn’t a duplicate

  177. Thanks for the contest. DD & OMG

  178. love 2 have one on my wall!

  179. Free stuff ahoy

  180. If you zoom in, you can see Harry Potter!

  181. Great print!

  182. Many will enter, few will win.

  183. Count me in!

  184. This looks amazing. I think this poster would help convince my horror-buff fiance that acquiring posters is cool.

  185. sick print.

  186. Great site, great giveaway!

  187. I like trees, ghosts, and old houses. Therefore I like Danger’s art. Love at first sight.

  188. This is looking fabulous !

  189. Love these prints.

  190. Very nice

  191. Spooky!

  192. thanks for the chance.

  193. Nice looking print. Fingers crossed.

    David Choe, eh? Good choice on his part

  194. Today I’m feeling lucky and dangerous

  195. lucky me, come on 7

  196. Gorgeous poster (and I love Hammer horror films).

  197. Lookin good, keep up the good work Daniel.

  198. Winning would be pretty awesome!

  199. I’m in!!!

  200. This is it!

  201. Scary print. I am hopeful!

  202. Lovely

  203. Over here!!!

  204. hi-ho.

  205. Boom time!

  206. Yes please!! Love me some Danger!!

  207. awesome poster, awesome giveaway!

  208. Thanks again for awesome giveaway opportunities

  209. Amazing print. Thanks omgposters for the contest!

  210. Looks great!

  211. My daughter loves this artist. This win would be a great start to her collection.

  212. thanks!

  213. I love giveaways and awesome posters.

  214. Love it! Thanks.

  215. Ohh this is amazing! Thanks so much for doing this OMG!!!!

  216. Thank you kindly.

  217. Fan dabby doozy!!!! It’s reem.

  218. Wow!!! Great prize….count me in!!

  219. In, thank you.

  220. Smashing! – Am I too late?

  221. Love Daniel Danger!!!

  222. Thanks for the chance!

  223. Nice work as usual Mr. Danger
    Thanks for the chance!

  224. c’mon…big money…no whamies

  225. Sick Poster.

  226. Danger is the perfect choice for this print. His style matches the movie perfectly

  227. Winner Winner – Chicken Dinner.

  228. I hope the film is as good as the poster.

  229. Absolutely beautiful!

  230. Nice giveaway. Hope I win :)

  231. Love it. Amazing how many comments come out of the woodwork when a poster is on the line!

  232. Have been dying to add a danger print to my collection one problem no money, hey this would solve that. Thanks for the giveaway and the site keep it up!

  233. Dangerously hoping that I might win this. Great contest. Thanks again!!!

  234. Woo, nice giveaway… Count me in !

  235. I’d very much like to own a Daniel Danger. Thanks for the chance, sir!

  236. Hello im here to try and win some great art.

  237. Thanks for the opportunity to win this – great DD poster, as usual.

  238. Would absolutely love this Danger print. Tis stunning and would look great on my wall! Thanks.

  239. Yeah, I’ve seen Woman In Black on stage three times already, and the movie at a test screening. Plus I’m a total Danger fanboy, so I’d be an idiot not to enter this.

  240. I am in for this one.

    Stoked for the film and the print!

  241. Accio Woman in Black Poster!!!

  242. Thanks for the opportunity! Good luck everyone!

  243. awesome print!

  244. Already have a gift certificate to a framer waiting for such a moment… c’monnn

  245. Thanks Mitch!
    And a great job by Dan.

  246. Fingers crossed! My girlfriend loves his stuff and would poop her pants if I won her one of these.

  247. Beautiful

  248. Excellent work thanks for the great bloggings!

  249. Thanks for the chance Mitch!

  250. printus maximus sweetness

  251. Your posters are awesome. Here’s hoping I luck out and get one!

  252. Great poster from Daniel. I got to meet him about a year ago and a great guy as well. Thanks Mitch!

  253. Wow! ONLY 201 comments! Hahaha I dont have a chance

  254. hello!

  255. Incredible

  256. OMG (Free) Poster !!!!!!!!!

  257. All that glitters is not gold;
    Often have you heard that told:
    Many a man his life hath sold
    But my outside to behold:
    Gilded tombs do worms enfold.
    Had you been as wise as bold,
    Young in limbs, in judgment old,
    Your answer had not been inscroll’d:
    Fare you well; your suit is cold.

  258. Great poster. Great contest. Another reason to brows OMGP every day.

  259. Awesome poster!

  260. Damn, that’s a lot of comments.

  261. I will sell my eternal soul for one of these. Please advise.

  262. Awesome poster! Love DD’s work

  263. Lot’s of Dan’s work on the walls-always room for more! Thanks for the give away.

  264. Harry Potter 9 – murder death kill.

  265. …would love to win this!

  266. i hope i win – love the poster, hope to love the movie! :)

  267. I wonder if will use hi magic wand in the movie… and by wand I mean penis.

  268. This is awesome!! and its my birthday tomorrow, no joke it is. Thanks for the opportunity!

  269. Awesome piece of Art!

  270. Stoked for this. Hopefully I can manage to score one of these when I’m in class

  271. Print looks awesome!

  272. Yup.

  273. Swanky.

  274. An amazing peice of art.

  275. Cool.

  276. There is no one who sets a mood in a print like Danger. You feel the dread in every stroke of his pen. Awesome print!

  277. Good luck to all.

  278. There’s so many reasons I need this.
    1. I like posters
    2. I like Daniel Danger
    3. It looks georgeous
    4. I’m pretty sure it would grant me superpowers
    5. I promise I won’t do anything bad with those superpowers
    6. Except maybe use the grays sports almanac to cheat at betting
    7. But I would totally use that money to fix broken DeLoreans

  279. Awesome!

  280. Love the poster and looking forward to seeing the movie. Great job!!

  281. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  282. Cool Contest! Im in.

  283. Please please please.

  284. Awesome! Been wanting to snag this one as it is.

  285. i’ll give it a go (although i never win shit so wont get my hopes up)

  286. Can I please has print? Awesome giveaway

  287. Stunning poster as always! Love to see the in the flesh (hint, hint!)

  288. Ripley:

    [nervously eyeing Alien while she pushes buttons]

    You are my lucky star. You… Lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky.

  289. Worth a shot…

  290. That Blue is freakin awesome!

  291. Awesome stuff, as usual

  292. WOW! Awesome giveaway! Thanks!

  293. Nice!!!

  294. I heart this site SO MUCH!! Thanks for the contest and good luck to me.

  295. Daniel Danger!!

  296. DD is awesome!

  297. Beatiful colors!!

  298. I’ve been looking forward to this movie for a while. A Daniel Danger poster for it is icing on the cake!

  299. consider me entered…thanks!

  300. Fantastic poster/giveaway.

  301. Hoping I can be one of three winners.

  302. Looking good, Billy Ray!

  303. Yay for free!!!

  304. I can make room on my wall for Daniel Danger!

  305. Yay DD!

  306. Yay contests

  307. Great Print!

  308. Love it. Fingers crossed.

  309. Did I win?

  310. Already have 3 pieces of his, would love to add this to my collection.

  311. Saweet!

  312. Peanuts

  313. Yay contest! Thanks Mitch and DD.

  314. if i win, i get to keep the poster and sell it tomorrow.

  315. can the movie live up to the beauty of this poster? awesome print.

  316. I want it 😀

  317. HOLY COW I HOPE I WIN. Although, this poster could use a few wolves…

  318. Good luck dd.

  319. Wow! Spooky and everything! Gotta get this!!

  320. Nice one!

  321. Cool. Good luck to all!


  323. Thumbs Up

  324. want

  325. Prints like this give me so much hope for film– gorgeous, bold design that’s not drained of life by overworked executives.

  326. I want one. Sooooo much better than the advertised posters with Daniel Radcliffe in.

  327. Thanks for the contest!

  328. Oh joyous day… Thanks for hosting this contest, and thanks to Mr. Danger for making another fabulous piece.

  329. Quite a big fan of Mr. Danger’s work. This print looks lovely!

  330. …count me in – I love Danger!

  331. Nice work Daniel! Thanks for the contest OMG!

  332. I love DD’s work – picked up a print at Flatstock in Seattle a couple of years ago – amazing detail and atmosphere. Would love to win the poster!

  333. Pick me! Pick me!

  334. Great print, hopefully the film will be as good.

  335. Constantly swooning over Daniel Danger and his prints.

  336. uuhh… i would love to see this in my living room!

  337. Oh! <3!


  338. I never win these types of things, but I have a good feeling about this one.

  339. Here’s to lucky winners! I never win anything! Sweet Poster…

  340. Yeah everyone good luck, I hope the other two winners like their posters!!! <—— confident 😀

  341. Gorgeous poster! I saw your show in Chicago last fall and fell in love with your work. I couldn’t pick a favorite if I tried. Thanks for this opportunity :)

  342. If you ain’t in it. You ain’t gonna win it. IN!

  343. Mine, mine, mine!!!!

  344. Wow, I hope I win

  345. DD hits it out of the park AGAIN!!!

  346. Hey love this print!

  347. I like turtles.

  348. please and thank you 😉

  349. Count me in.

  350. Gotta make up for missing out on that Wet Teeth!

  351. cheesecake!

  352. Oh man.

  353. Awesome. Thanx for the opportunity.

  354. I was going to write a poem, but someone took my idea

  355. Amazing giveaway! Fingers crossed for this one! Thanks so much!

  356. Having this print of Daniel’s will make all my dreams come true. : }

  357. Amazing work. Both my 13 year old son and I are huge fans. I’m totally giving you the look my cats give me at dinnertime right now!

  358. Another moody, and brilliant piece by the danger.

  359. I’m entering my first contest- all for the love of Danger.

  360. Great print!!! Thanks for the contest.

  361. love it!

  362. Omg yes!

  363. Beautiful poster! I’ll be crossing my fingers.

  364. Sweet!

  365. OMG i mUST have one ot these!!! Will look awesome above my bed!!!!**making plans already**

  366. This is fantastic!!!

  367. Cross fingers!

  368. You’re a great artist Daniel! That’s all I can say :-)

  369. My Middle Name Is DANGER!

  370. witwoo. tower of gopal, woo.

  371. Would LOVE to own this. I have his print ‘Silent Hill’ and it would be a great match. Please!!!!!

  372. Must win, must win!

  373. this poster would look great on my wall, omg posters rules

  374. In

  375. i would sure like one

  376. Great poster!

  377. Sounds great!

  378. This is gorgeous. It’d look really sweet next to my Cyclone print. It was great meeting you at Bumbershoot!

  379. Count me in.

  380. pick me!!! please and thank you :-)

  381. Looks ace :)

  382. Yes, yes please. Thanks!

  383. i’ll give it a shot.

  384. Whats one more comment?! :)

  385. Wow, so many entires… good luck everyone.

  386. That I scarce was sure I heard you’ – here I opened wide the door;

    Darkness there, and nothing more.

  387. Very cool! Love Daniel Danger.

  388. Please pick me :)

  389. Me likey

  390. free is for me!

  391. As if I didn’t hope…

  392. Sure wood look nice in my hands.

  393. I’m really a big fan, loving the blue tones!

  394. Yes please!

  395. I want that!

  396. Really hoping to win this for my brother.

  397. There’s always room for one more DD!

  398. Very cool website and awesome giveaway!


  399. He does such great work!

  400. Awesome print! Good luck everyone!

  401. You can never have enough Danger!

  402. Lovely! Daniel Danger’s posters are breathtaking.

  403. From one screen printer to another. Your focus and detail is perfect. Thank you for your talent.

  404. Can’t wait for the movie AND to buy the poster (if I’m not one of the lucky three!)

  405. Awesome!

  406. yikes! that’s a lot of comments. Do the right thing, mitch! PICK STEVEN K 😉

  407. Daniel, Daniel, Po-Paniel,
    Bananna-Nanna, Bo-Baniel,
    Fee, Fi, Fo-Faniel, Daniel!

    xoxoxox danger art xoxoxo

  408. Daniel. i bought most of your collection at the cotton candy machine, my apartment currently looks like a daniel danger exhibit. this piece will only only make my collection more precious!

  409. Great prize and initiative! pick me!

  410. Phenomenal work. Huge fan, wish this was the official poster for the film. Congrats man.

  411. 397 is the charm!

  412. AWESOME!!! THANKS!!

  413. Thanks for the contest Mitch!

  414. Very nice poster, I have some of his work and love it.

  415. I just pray she has everything to do with Lady in Red.

  416. Looks Great as usual!

  417. I also like to live… [Daniel] dangerously.

  418. That would look great in my anywhere.

  419. great posters by a great artist!!

  420. Yes, I want Woman in Black print :), please.

  421. Great print, great contest!

  422. I would appreciate it :)

  423. I’m the big wiener!!!

  424. I hadn’t heard of the film before I saw Daniel’s poster and now I can’t wait to see it.

  425. Joining the masses. Great print!

  426. The commercial kinda creeps me out. Love the print though!
    Thanks for the chance.


  428. Love Love Love Double D’s work!! Sooo Amazing!!

  429. Currently reading the novel with my year 10 class (15year olds) after seeing the play in London. Told the kids I will be buying this and bringing it to thw UK. They love it too. Daniel definitely captures the tone of the text. Brilliant job, as usual.

  430. Soooo creepy it’s awesome! Another great DD print!

  431. Need this to put by my Daniel Danger Sex Bob-Omb Print

  432. Great poster! Appreciate the chance at it.

  433. Great print from Mr. DD! Count me in!!!

  434. I would love one! Can’t wait to see this movie.

  435. Awesome, love your work.

  436. So excited for this one. Great work DD!

  437. Sick print! I want that!

  438. Worth a try. Would love to have my own Daniel Danger.

  439. Thanks for the chance.

  440. I realised today that I’m an Englishman who should know better. All this time on this earth as a horror fan and have never read/ seen the Woman in Black. THIS WILL BE RECTIFIED!!

    Love the Danger!

  441. awesome print! I’m in

  442. pweeeeaaaassseeeee? Otherwise I will never, EVER afford it.

  443. Thanks.

  444. Looks spooky. I like!

  445. Great print! Would love to get one

  446. WOW- you Really now how to fill up a comment page!
    Mark Me Down!!!!

  447. I’d love to win this!

  448. I’m in, thanks for the giveaway!

  449. I watched ‘The Woman in Black’ already; it was not very good. But this print is nice. In for the giveaway — along with the five hundred others that never are active on here.


  450. Thanks for this awesome opportunity!!!

  451. Holla back! I’m in.

  452. Can’t wait to watch the movie! Hope the trailer lives up to the hype. Plus, DD’s art is amazing!

  453. Count me in as well.

  454. Love this print…love the original story and the 1989 film…made me shit my pants!! I have never got in a rowing boat since!!

  455. Beautiful work as always.

  456. Outstanding poster from Daniel, perfect person to do a poster for this film

  457. DOPE!! Love me some DD!!

  458. Great print! Thanks for the contest.

  459. This is a amazing image hope i win!

  460. Thanks for the hard work and the giveaway!!!!!

  461. Would I like this poster? Um… Yes Please.

  462. Awesome print!!

  463. pick me pick me!!! thanks for doing this!

  464. Sweet! Print looks amazing!

  465. If you haven’t seen the original b&w you should be renting that instead of commenting here. :)

  466. Me, please.

  467. Exciting.

  468. Thanks for the giveaway Mitch.

  469. Love the print. *fingers and toes crossed*

  470. Damn……………………. I love this site !

  471. Nice print…pick me please

  472. Another nice print. thanks

  473. Excited for the movie; love Daniel Danger’s poster, too!

  474. love the blues danger’s recent prints.
    thanks for the giveaway.

  475. I am the Woman in Black

  476. Good Luck to us all!
    Great looking print!
    Thanks for the contest!!

  477. Fingers crossed. That poster is another winner from DD

  478. Looks cool, hope I win :)

  479. Looks amazing, thanks for hosting another giveaway! Cheers

  480. Oh please life, this would make my day!

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  491. I’ve always have loved Daniel’s work! He’s amazing & his work always touches my soul! I own a few small prints of his, he’s one of my favorite artists! I’ll always support him & his family! And as soon as I start making money (I’m a starving college student) I’ll be sure to purchase as much art as I can from him!
    Thank you even if I don’t win for supporting such great artist!

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    Keep up the good work Mr Danger 😉

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    Want one!

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    No chance!
    But I can dream. Anyway I bet the posters make the chocolate taste terrible.

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    good luck all!

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    He ate it before it was cool.

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    Stay Classy, San Diego!

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    Daniel Danger did a DANGEROUSLY, DOPE print. I want it!

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  745. 1 in 700+ is still better than the lottery, and these prints are worth millions, right?

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  747. WOW Amazing! Dark and Mysterious o.0 Totally love to be apart :)

  748. HAHA! Hope I’m not to late, Working mids this month! I love me some DD! And…

    “I get all my latest and greatest news, updates, and interviews of outstanding print and poster artists, only at!” 😉

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    Maybe it is worth watching…

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  770. Ever Hopeful!

  771. *commenting*

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    Up in this!

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  776. Wow, lots of comments, lucky number……

  777. This print looks amazing! I’m in!

  778. Mr. Danger has created something suitably eerie for this film…can’t wait to see it and the art that comes out of this very talented man.

  779. If I win, I’m taking the print to Eel Marsh House and asking the woman in black to sign it…

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    Thanks! 😀


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  791. Shenaniganz :)

  792. Fantastic Danger’s pic!
    Hope I can get one!:)

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  801. Beautiful. Reminds me a bit of Grey Gardens.

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    Maybe i will be lucky*

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  806. Yowsah! Excellent book and looking forward to the film. Great stuff DD xxxxx

  807. beautiful work, as always

  808. Very nice. Thanks for the giveaway Daniel and OMG!

  809. Thanks for the giveaway!

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  811. I want this in my house! So beautiful and spooky.

  812. thanks for the giveaway!

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  814. I have a perfect space on the wall for that lovely poster. Would very much appreciate.

  815. is it too late??

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  817. i would do disgusting, unheard of things for this fine print

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  819. Makes me want to see the movie.

  820. Thanks for the giveaway, Mitch!

  821. My son’s birthday today is calling out for this treasure . . .

  822. a perfect treasure for my son’s birthday today

  823. Long time lurker, first time poster (get it?). Would love to win!

  824. Thanks Mr. DANGER for picking me!

  825. simply brilliant daniel

  826. Mother of God! *0*

  827. another great image–huge daniel danger fan!

  828. Please…I am sooooo late for this but maybe I will get a little bit of luck!Love the poster.SWEET!

  829. Great work as always!

  830. That reminds me of my weird grandfathers house. That’s pretty sick Mitch! Of course his house burnt down. FREAK!

  831. Hoping for a score!

  832. Looks amazing love it ! so excited for film too!

  833. Great Print ; No Whammies !

  834. That is awesome!

  835. would be a great addition to the collection, right next to the wolfman

  836. Beautiful poster. Would look even more fantastic on my wall.

  837. Love Daniels work and would be ecstatic to add this print to my collection! Movie looks awesome.

  838. this is the most comments i’ve seen on a post … a free print will do that! i’m in as well, great print!

  839. I want one! Thanks!

  840. Spooky

  841. Amazing!

  842. Daniel!!! Love it! Hope I win. My collection of your works is starting to become substantial. :-) This one would be a great addition.

  843. Thanks for the contest!

  844. 775 COMMENTS!!!!

    Danger is the Man!!!!

    Thanks Mitch!

  845. Please Please. So sick!

  846. My boyfriend made me enter. :)

  847. Nice! Great poster for a (hopefully) great movie…

  848. If it’s not too late, count me in! Upon further reflection, count me in regardless.
    Sorry for making the comments pass 777…that would have been such a nice number to stay on.

  849. It seems that i have ONE chance on …thousands. Ok i’ll try

  850. would love a little more danger in my life

  851. hope it’s not too late! love this print. omgposters is awesome!

  852. That would look lovely in my office.

  853. GREAT poster. Makes me want to go see the movie!

  854. The Woman in Black? Hey, that’s me!

  855. Killer print!

  856. Daniel is an amazing talent!

  857. I’m in.

  858. Another great print!! Thanks for the giveaway, OMG!!

  859. Thanks for the contest!

  860. Sweet.

  861. As always nice work.

  862. very cool

  863. Gotta give it a shot, amazing work DD.

  864. Looks amazing Daniel. Must have for my wall.

  865. Thanks for the chance team! Looks like another stunner by DD!

  866. late entry coming through, but hope i win this!

  867. Love this one ! Hope I win!!

  868. I’d like in if not too late!

  869. I can only have this if it’s free.

  870. Thanks for the chance Daniel, much appreciated.

  871. *Crosses fingers*

  872. Doot Doola Doot Doo… Doot Doo!

  873. another fantastic print!

  874. Cool & creepy!

  875. great poster!

  876. Great print… Would look great with my other Danger prints

  877. This is hilarious.

  878. I have not heard of this movie. I love Daniel Danger’s work though. I think I have 15 of his prints, roughly.

  879. Count me in

  880. Hope I’m in under the wire!

    This is pretty rad.

  881. Siiiiiiiiick !!

  882. Chingon!

  883. Another amazing piece!

  884. Gorgeous poster! I love Daniel Danger’s work. Looking forward to this movie, too.

  885. The poster is beautiful but at the same time puts me ill at ease. The way the figure is lit at the entryway with the spooky figures makes me want to watch this movie!

  886. WHAT! You have 3 of these!? MAN are you lucky! I have yet to get one of his amazing pieces of art! After seeing the trailer I think the poster does a great job at capturing the vibe of the film. I can’t WAIT to see the documentary about gig posters too!

  887. Congrats to he winners…cool flick and a great print!

  888. Congrats to the winners and cheers to Mitch and Daniel for the kick-ass contest!

  889. Scored one on the website after a little trouble with checkout. Hope a lot of the rest of you had luck too! Great poster, and I think the movie will deliver for its genre.

  890. wow. wish me luck

  891. i wish you the best of luck Austin. I am really pulling for you.

  892. What a crock o shit Automator. People wishing each other luck and bullshit. Mitch you gotta pick next time. Fuck the bullshit man. All those number bets were high. Anyway, congratulations who won; blah, blah.

  893. i like turtles…

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