Planet of the Apes Posters from Mondo (Onsale Info)

Mondo will release this huge series of Planet of the Apes posters today. The artists, sizes, and editions are listed below. They will first be sold as a set for $230 today (Thursday, January 26th) at a random time, then any leftovers will be released tomorrow (Friday, January 27th) at a random time. Visit […]

“The Bat” Art Print by Olly Moss (Onsale Info)

A handful of copies of Olly Moss’ “The Bat” will go up for sale tomorrow. It’s a 16″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition of 100, and will cost $60. They go up tomorrow (Friday, January 27th) at a random time. Visit

“Obey Peace And Justice Ornament” Art Print by Shepard Fairey (Onsale Info)

Shepard Fairey will release his newest art print, “Obey Peace And Justice Ornament”, next week. It’s an 18″ x 24″ screenprint in two colorways (each with an edition of 300) for $45. They go up Tuesday, January 31st at a random time. Visit

“Water Dragon” Art Print by Amy Sol (Onsale Info)

Amy Sol will release this beautiful art print this weekend. “Water Dragon” is a 12.5″ x 17″ giclee, has an edition of 50, and will cost $130. It goes up Saturday, January 28th at 2pm Pacific Time. Visit

Concert Posters by Elvisdead

James Flames just gave me the heads up about some poster artists that are new to me, France’s Elvisdead. Their designs are awesome, and according to James everything looks amazing in person and is well packaged. These are limited, screenprinted, and fairly inexpensive. Visit

Daniel Danger’s Poster for The Woman In Black

Just got an email about Daniel Danger’s awesome poster for the upcoming Daniel Radcliffe-led film, The Woman In Black. No word yet about physical copies, but I’ll keep you posted (there have even been whispers about possibly giving a couple away). Enjoy! Click the image to see it larger:

“Mi Amor” Letterpress Art Print by Jeral Tidwell

Jeral Tidwell only does one letterpress print per year, so when he does, you’d better pay attention. An ode to Valentine’s Day, “Mi Amor” is a 12″ x 16″ letterpress print, has an edition of 100, and costs $40. Visit

Burlesque Design’s Scratch + Dent Mystery Tube Sale

Burlesque Design is once again offering up their famous scratch/dent mystery tubes. For only $20, you get three random prints that didn’t quite make the edition. As a bonus, every tube will receive at least one Arcade Fire poster. Visit

Art Prints by Daria Tessler

I actually got a heads up about Daria Tessler’s work from a reader, and wow, I’m loving this stuff. She has a ton of prints available, they’re all limited, inexpensive screenprints. Check out Note: The watermarks do not appear on the actual prints.

“Son Of Dooome” Art Print by Michael Latimer

Michael Latimer has resurrected his more traditional illustration style for his new art print, “Son Of Dooome”. It’s a giclee available in two colorways (each with an edition of 100) and two different sizes for £50-£85 each. Visit

Art V Cancer Art Prints

Chris Thornley (aka Raid71) was diagnosed with cancer a couple of years ago, so to give back, he’s started the wonderful “Art V Cancer” website. They have a handful of awesome art prints for sale (the standout is the “Hellnuts” image below), and all profits benefit cancer charities. Check them out at

Charity Art Prints at Help Ink

Just got the word about this really cool charity-driven art site, Help Ink. They offer a number of art prints (available as digital prints and higher-end giclees), and with every purchase, 40% of profits benefit charity. They’ve got a really nice selection, check out

“State of the Union” Art Print by Rafa Jenn

The mysterious Rafa Jenn just dropped this new art print, and he actually gave a little bit of explanation about it. “State of the Union” is a 16″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition of 50, and costs $49. Visit “I can remember thinking in my years as a student that art and politics […]

Art Prints by Ryan Duggan

Chicago illustrator Ryan Duggan has a new store up filled with tons of prints. His work has an amazing sense of humor, super underrated. Everything is screenprinted, very limited, and inexpensive. Visit The Drug Store.

Prickly Pals Art Prints

Jason Licht released this bunch of art prints featuring his Prickly Pals cartoon characters, and I must say, I’m finding them irresistibly cute. These are all 18″ x 24″ screenprints for $25 each. Visit