John Baizley Variants at Burlesque Now

Burlesque Design just added a number of rare variants to their shop. If you’re interested, hurry, they probably won’t be around long. Visit

7 Responses to “John Baizley Variants at Burlesque Now”

  1. seriously jsut went to the bank to move money to get the red phantom limb all gone in the 5 min i was gone

    oh life

  2. Snagged one of the Gillian Welch prints. Couldn’t believe those edition sizes.

  3. double farts!!!! i wanted that red as well!

  4. yeah i have this first edition of the gillian welch and its amazing i love it! its quite i different turn for him i think. its not so much “yea metal skulls and naked chicks get down”

    wish i had the room for another one

  5. I didn’t want one of those untill they were sold out…

  6. Dont like colours. I really like Baizleys art but dont get why posters mostly are printed like this. Like Baroness album covers are really cool but posters aret same and those look imho really bad.

  7. HUH?

    You dont like silk screens?

    Would you rather the poster be a lithograph on glossy stock?

    I think BoNA does a helluva stellar job on ALL of Baizleys prints!!!

    Well done!

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