Jurassic Park Poster by JC Richard (Artist Copies Onsale Info)

JC Richard will sell a few copies of his Jurassic Park poster today. It’s a 24″ x 36″ screenprint for $100. He’ll also have a few copies of the art print available for $125. These go up today (Friday, January 27th) at a random time. Visit his site.

5 Responses to “Jurassic Park Poster by JC Richard (Artist Copies Onsale Info)”

  1. And, gone…

  2. Sooo annoying!!!! I had been auto refreshing the page since 8am!! lol

  3. Missed everything this morning.

  4. this whole job thing sure gets in the way of buying prints…. seems like it keeps getting worse too

  5. @ Ben. I hear you – real hard sneakily keeping tabs on updates with a pesky client in the room 😉

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