Two New Art Prints by LifeVersa (Onsale Info)

These are probably my two favorite prints yet by LifeVersa (aka militaryman Wale Bambose). “The Revolution Network” and “The Revolution Pop” are 18″ x 24″ screenprints, have editions of 75, and will cost $25 each. The purple variants have editions of 25 for $35 each. These go up Friday, January 20th at a random time. Visit

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  1. Awesome

  2. best ones yet

  3. I bet @13 LOVES these

  4. Really DGN these. Hope I’m around friday to pick up a pair

  5. hah, they’re not bad. I prefer his less-busy prints.

  6. Horrible fonts

  7. Yeah, the typefaces could use some work. Great imagery otherwise.

  8. This guy is a hack in the worst way. A biter too:

  9. Stretching. Just a tad.

  10. Dude, if you flip it, the composition is spot on. Even the sunburst is in the same place. Added a second print to really get that rose in there, weak.

  11. Maybe I’m stretching it a bit, maybe not.

  12. @Ryan what are you the art police? So any print that uses ‘peace’ & a rose is bitin obey? Lol appreciate the art or move on

  13. Ryan, last time you accused me of being in cahoots with LifeVersa. After your posts in the last post about him and this one, I can honestly say that you’re just nitpicking for the sake of it.

  14. Nazi Ryan, do you complain on other sites when music sounds the same. You can find similiarities in almost everything…so either get off your high horse or STFU.

  15. Sorry fellas. Trust me, even I wish I wasn’t right.

  16. huh. yeah, id call that a bite.
    Not a straight RIPOFF, and not a Weird statement About a RIPOFF (his last print w CofA),
    But just a bite. definitely a bite. I don’t think there can be too much debate on that.

    Otherwise, I totally dig it! Both of em!

  17. Far from a ripoff, but if it mimicked anybody, it’d be D*Face…not Shep:

  18. Hey Ryan, did you get your nipples in an uproar when Olly Moss copied Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns #1 cover? You have to blast them all or none.

  19. the Olly Moss was an OBVIOUS parody, a very well done homage even. This Obey snag is not as obvious, nor was the Wonder Woman piece. That just makes them, poorly executed bites. I’m really surprised you’re even comparing…

  20. It may have went over some people’s heads, but the Woman Woman piece was perfectly fine as a parody. And it was obvious, with the COA right there in your face.

  21. Just because something is less obvious to the majority of people, doesn’t make it that much less of a parody. It would be nice if more people “got” it though, of course. I think LifeVersa only reinforced this by adding the “Braindead” edition to his web site.

    Olly only changes one or two elements when he’s doing his homage posters. This is perfectly fine. The point is…there are different ways of going about it.

  22. Comin from a law student I think its funny when people argue art but I will say this: even if he is bitin i’d still rather buy from an emerging artist than the machine that is obey.

  23. How do you know if it was a Homage? You are not Olly. Olly must a favorite of yours, so when he rips off someone, it is a homage. But, if you do not like an artist and does the same thing, it is a ripoff. Seriously, you can not have it both ways.

  24. Now that we’re done bitchn who he’s bitin, can we at least decipher the art itself and what he’s commentn on?

  25. I prefer to call him e-Fil.
    I don’t care who he’s influenced by. These are cool and I like the message.

  26. so if i’m reading this right, it’s a tracing of a tracing?


  27. This print bites. i bought the clown occupy print thought it was ok. I undersatand dude is in the military. to be an artist in my opinion is to think like one, outside the box. yeah, these images might look great, but, look typical of what is to sell. skulls; coca cola,stars; cool fonts,drippy wanna be street art: repatative stuff – pop art bs all day. and that patriot flag is just sending up a red flag. This is cool if you are trying to collect all his work or whatever but…………… switch it up now. im just saying,people get tired really quick. this is a serious business. it doesnt matter what anyone comments. its all about gaining the fan base. good luck life versa. also, im drunk.

  28. oops, confederate flg. hickup!

  29. that’s not a confederate flag nitwit

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