Tron and Tron Legacy Posters by Martin Ansin (Onsale Info)

Mondo will release this pair of posters for Tron and Tron Legacy by Martin Ansin tomorrow. These are 24″ x 36″ glow in the dark screenprints with UV varnish, have editions of 390, and will cost $90/pair (not sold individually). They go up tomorrow (Thursday, January 19th) at a random time. Visit

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  1. I really like these! Just a shame I can’t afford them at the moment. Guess I’ll have to see if I have the cash when Sideshow sell their version, which I assume will be non-cut like the Eric Tan Tron release.

  2. I give up on drops. Mondo needs to give explanation on how to make it on drops. Some same pay w credit card, not PayPal. Others say use gift card. What’s is the real deal to these drops? Btw, these prints are the are untouchable. Martin Ansin killing it.

  3. Wow… Amazing work…

  4. @Skank There’s no real trick to it. Part of it is being able to check out fast (there are many elements in this, incl. browser, payment method, how much traffic there is the millisecond you’re paying, etc.), and a lot of it is luck.

    CC is usually better than Paypal because there are multiple windows to get through when you use PP, and there are pop-ups now and then. With CC, there’s just the one page where you enter all your information. Memorize it or have it ready. I used a gift card once and it was perfectly fine and fast, but I’ve heard of people having issues with the card not working too (rare, but it happens). You’re taking a chance either way.

    Other than that, you basically have to keep the browser open and refresh around the usual drop times (there’s a pattern), or use some kind of notification service. None of them are foolproof. Having a speedy connection helps too, but I have a shit connection and have been successful on many drops.

    Anyway…this subject of Tron doesn’t interest me at all, but Ansin has been killing it. Good luck to everyone tomorrow.

  5. Where’s Flynn? Nice work as usual for Ansin, but where’s Flynn? Oh yeah the movie’s not called ‘Flynn’. Couldn’t get JB to sign off on the poster, I guess.

  6. @13 What are the refresh patterns? I’ve read every 30 mins elsewhere?

    Regarding the prints – these are incredible. Ansin is easily one of my favourite artists/illustrators at the moment.

    Good luck tomorrow people!

  7. These are beautiful. Ansin continues to kill it!

  8. Ansin always does great work, these look superb.

  9. Wish I was a fan of the movies :(

  10. I love both films and these prints are just solid gold, stunning. Why Mondo never got Ansin on the Star Wars releases is beyond me.

  11. @SIQ He did do a star wars print it was called a Wretched Hive

    Totally underrated in my opinion to be honest. Ansin totally outdoes it each time.

  12. You mean besides the “Wretched Hive” print?

  13. DOH!!! Of course. I just wished he’d given more of a film poster treatment, like these, rather than the scene from the film.

  14. @Skank, sign in with your account, refresh often, and pay with CC. Don’t wait for twitter feed…too late. Moment images change, you get the posters. You have to remember the demand is greater than the supply. You have to be fast. Plus do not go for the variants. Too many people go for them first. Do not pay with paypal…takes too much time. I have lost out on paypal but not CC.

  15. @justthejanitor That is Flynn in the “Tron” poster. Flynn wore a tunic in the original movie.

  16. Martin Ansin killing it…again. I’ll definitely be trying for these!

  17. They are numbered, but not signed? I guess sideshow gets the signed prints for a later sale or am I wrong on that?

  18. @Justthejanitor: Flynn is the main figure on the Tron poster and featured in the “digital cloud” on the Tron Legacy poster. He’s very much present here.

    @Shlanker: Martin Ansin lives in Uruguay. It’s incredibly prohibitive logistically and financially to ship that many posters to him and have them shipped back.

    Oh and these are downright gorgeous. Ansin doesn’t know how to do anything else.

  19. Seriously this guy just blows my mind, amazing.

  20. Uruguay? Good lord that’s a hike. Does Ansin ever release signed artist prints?

  21. @iron jaiden: I thought it was Tron on the first print.

  22. @Shlanker: Ansin’s (unsigned) artist copies are typically sold via postersandtoys.

    I wish you all the best of luck in the morning–as long as your luck starts about one second after I place my order.

  23. It is TRON (Bruce Boxleitner) on the first print, not Kevin Flynn.

  24. Tron has the 3 dot triangle symbol on his suit under his neck. The character in the poster does not. Its Bridges. With a lack of Trons face on this and the Tan poster perhaps its Bruces likeness they cannot get the rights to.

  25. My mistake. 4 dot pattern on his chest.

  26. Had it in my Cart as usual but it wouldn’t confirm…sooo annoying.

  27. Refreshed page, tron icon appeared, then placed order but there server froze on me twice. All of this happened before the twitter alert.

    We can’t win them all.

  28. That was stressful.

  29. yeah, my friend had the site crash during checkout. They need to invest in some sort of bursting solution into a cloud or something. Then they can spin up some more web servers for the drops. Super cheap with the money they rake in. Also, ditch IIS6.0 for Apache. Christ, they are still running Windows Server 2003. Sorry, nerd rage.

  30. Quit yer bitchin’. That was a super easy drop.

  31. NEVER!!!

  32. Mondo wins again! 16 – 0 perfect season!

  33. @steve Nice catch, I stand corrected :) It is Flynn.

    Just looks like Tron’s face.

  34. Complain to Stoney, he gets them all and hoards them for himself.

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