New Concert Posters by Johnny Sampson

Wow, Johnny Sampson, when did you become my favorite concert poster artist? Mr. Sampson’s work is starting to resemble pre-code horror comics. In other words, it’s awesome. These are all super-limited screenprints for only $20 each. Buy a bunch at his shop.

13 Responses to “New Concert Posters by Johnny Sampson”

  1. these are way too cool. great to see them side by side

  2. Love these. He’s got test prints up too… Had to grab one of those

  3. Awesome!

  4. These prints are so boss, they bring down the house.

  5. I really love these. Good pricing too

  6. wowzers!!!

  7. Wish I liked YMSB cause these are KILLER.

  8. Wow. The 2nd one is my fav, but these are all ridiculously good.

  9. Thanks everyone! So much amazing work is shown on this site, really humbled to be included.

  10. Johnny, you did EC Comics and the USPS proud with these brilliant takes on historic stamps and comic covers!

  11. These are incredible!

  12. These are are amazing. FYI: The sold out prints are still available for $20 on the YMSB website, S/N.

  13. I think Johnny wins for fastest shipped and nicest packed tube. Also the test print I got looks great.

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