Adult Swim X Gallery 1988 – Preview Live

Gallery 1988 took the preview for tonight’s Adult Swim live. You can purchase most prints and originals online now. If a print runs out, they may have more after the opening (unless you’re looking for the Olly Moss piece, don’t hold your breath on those). Visit

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  1. @kim I think its fair to say the variations on that print 10 fold after Moss’ success with his.
    I know it’s legal and public domain, I’m not questioning that. nor am i questioning the legality of the Bat. its a spoof. And one i don’t get really, having not seen the show.
    I was just pointing out how HE was publicly annoyed with all the ReSpoofs on His Spoof.
    Im sure there are multiple aspects of the irony of this I am missing.
    Frank Miller is a Right wing Freak if I’m not mistaken? Perhaps this is part of it?

  2. Yeah, I would have loved to see some Coach McGuirk portraits or Home Movies prints. Bummer

  3. @AK, I agree, Glen rocked it yet again!

  4. The Whalen Dethklok def wasn’t metal enough….. imo

  5. No one did a Sealab 2021 print…kind of sad about that. The first two seasons were f’n awesome.

  6. @natas i saw a few Sealab pieces of captain murphy.
    @rambo yeah, no dethklok love. ther should have a few brutal pieces.

  7. whoops, the last one…

  8. Not enough sealab or metalocalypse IMO and I was super bummed my fave show Frisky Dingo had no representation, and honestly what’s up with Venture Bros??? That show ain’t worth all those prints

  9. @Toobs Yes. Yes it is worth all of those prints.

  10. @natas

    Olly Moss did an extremely obvious tribute to the dark knight there, Shepard ripped off anothers artists picture of Obama and tried to hide it, pretty different scenarios.

  11. Toobs I was going to do Frisky Dingo but Black Dynamite really needed a poster. Killface campaign posters woulda been fun though.

  12. DK2 the biggest joke on the comic book industry.

  13. “Disappointed that Home Movies got no love, but snagged the vintage Space Ghost. Too much Venture Bros. for my taste but what’re you gonna do?” – Mike

    To be fair, Venture Bros. is one of the first things I think of when someone mentions Adult Swim. I’m not a “member” of this particular world, so obviously the show is popular enough that I immediately associate it with Adult Swim when it’s brought up somewhere. Perhaps it really is that popular.

    On a side note, I think G1988 should have a limit as to how many artists cover any one particular show or film in an exhibition. I’m not interested in controlling artists intellectually or in any other way, but having some kind of sign-up system where the most popular topics are not overdone would be ideal. This has happened several times in the past. I wanted to see more variety in “Another Dimension” (the Twilight Zone show) and all of the Crazy 4 Cult shows, for example.

  14. them dang ole’ squids from the great south where not properly printed there for i call shanagans on the show as a whole (dug that they reped space ghost as hard as they did)

  15. Home Movies is not an original Adult Swim show. So it was not technically an option.

    More Metalocalypse would have been nice.

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